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What kind of transfer paper can use for iron on t shirt transfers?

inkjet iron light transfer paper

In addition to corporate production and processing customization, heat transfer customization has gradually become a personal hobby. Customizing a favorite T shirt as a gift for yourself or your friends and family is a very memorable and happy thing. However, traditional heat transfer requires a flat heat transfer machine, but this is not much used in our lives. Therefore, in order to meet the convenience of family-wide heat transfer, the iron on transfer paper is developed. We only need a family iron to complate the ironing process, which is simple, convenient, and low-cost.

Shanghai Vision is a professional heat transfer paper factory specializing in the production of digital printing products.It has its own R&D department.Currently,there are many different types of heat transfer paper. Through years of research and development, we have not only iterated the original basic products,our heat transfer paper not only can be satisfied with flat heat transfers, but alsocan be suitable for homemade irons.Also, there are iron on transfer papers specifically for iron transfers. This article mainly introduces what kind of transfer paper by VISION can use for iron on t shirt transfers printing?

The usual classification of heat transfer paper.First,we divide it into inkjet transfer paper and laser transfer paper according to the type of printer, but for the operation method of iron on transfer paper, no matter what kind of printing method does not affect whether we can use an iron.we need to understand the following points in the process of using iron on fabric transfer paper:

1. Pressure

Pressure is a very important step in heat transfer paper, which determines the firmness of the finished product. Therefore, our heat transfer paper generally needs to meet medium pressure, and after testing, Iron on fabric transfer paper can be reached the medium pressure required for our transfer paper. So from the pressure point of view, VISION heat transfer paper can be achieved.

2. The temperature of the transfer

inkjet light transfer paper1228

inkjet light transfer paper

Usually VISION light-colored transfer paper needs to reach about 180 degrees, and the dark transfer paper needs about 165 degrees. This requires our iron to reach such a temperature as the heat transfer paper. Once the machine can reach this temperature, the transfer paper can basically meet the requirements to transfer a t-shirt.

3. Cold peel

Cold peeling is a very important attribute. Only when cold peeeling is satisfied, can the iron be used. Because we usually use the partial and slow ironing method during ironing.As a result, our heat transfer paper cannot achieve the effect of heating the entire range at the same if the heat transfer paper requires hot peeling, even if the above two conditions are met, the temperature and pressure can be reached. If cold peeling is not met, iron heat transfer cannot be achieved.

At present, there are two products of Vision transfer paper that cannot meet the requirements of cold peel. One is conventional inkjet light transfer paper, and the other is laser light transfer paper, because both the papers are recommended to be hot peeling,which can achieve the best results. It is mainly considered in the mass production process. Hot peeling can greatly increase the efficiency of production, and it can be completed directly without waiting for the cold peeling.

Since the inkjet light transfer paper cannot be used for irons, Vision has developed two alternative digital products, a special light-colored inkjet iron transfer paper, which was mainly invented for light-colored t-shirt. It can meet flat heat transfer at the same time, but the pressure and time of the iron transfer can achieve the best effect. The other is the VISION upgraded version of the light-colored transfer paper 2.0 series, this paper can meet both cold peel and hot peel , And broke the traditional light-colored transfer paper operation method, It more inclined to the process of dark iron on transfer paper, and can also be well used in light-colored iron on transfer.

dark heat transfer paper1228

dark heat transfer paper

Regarding dark transfer paper, whether it is laser transfer paper or inkjet transfer paper, and other special types including glitter transfer paper, temperature color changing transfer paper, luminous transfer paper, etc. Due to the particularity of the coating, it can meet two transfer methods, flat heat press transfer and ironing transfer. So when choosing ironing paper for dark clothes, You can choose any VISION dark transfer paper with confidence.

The operation of the iron on transfer paper is very simple and easy to use, but it still needs a lot of details and attention. For more iron on transfer paper or other transfer paper questions, you can view our official website or browse VISION social platform at any time., we will give you a more detailed introduction of the iron on transfer paper.

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