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How to use glitter inkjet transfer paper ?

inkjet glitter dark transfer paper

With the demand of personalized custom clothing increasing. As a mainstream T shirt customization solution, Heat transfer has been constantly innovating in the original technology; the heat transfer here is a wide range concept.It contains  digital sublimation printing, thermal transfer of heat transfer vinyl, heat transfer paper (inkjet heat transfer paper and laser heat transfer paper), DTF printing, etc.; In addition to continuous innovation in process, there are also continuous breakthroughs in individual process categories. As a heat transfer paper manufacturer in China,with an independent R&D team, Vision has been developing and producing new heat transfer consumables, and we bring more interesting and efficient solutions to customers and the market.

What is glitter inkjet transfer paper?

In this article, we will introduce the glitter inkjet heat transfer paper developed and produced by the Vision heat transfer paper factory. The glitter is a very popular effect in the market, whether it is used in clothing or daily necessities, the glitter effect from inkjet glitter heat transfer paper can be made the object sparkle, easier to be noticed, and attract other people’s attention; especially some children, they like sparkling products very much;

The application of  glitter inkjet heat transfer paper

Vision glitter transfer paper is mainly used in pure cotton or cotton clothing or fabrics with a cotton content of more than 65%.

The printer and ink for glitter transfer paper

Vision glitter heat transfer paper is suitable for inkjet printers, including EPSON, HP,CANON, etc., desktop inkjet printers; the application of ink can be compatible with both dye ink and pigment ink; on How to choose the ink used for inkjet heat transfer paper, pigment ink or dye ink? you can read our article of ink introduction.

The process of glitter heat transfer paper:

Print your image

Set Paper Type to Plain Paper or Photo Paper.

Set Printing Quality to Photo or High Quality Photo.

No MIRROR Printing.

Cut & Peel

Cut out your design with scissors,or a cutting machine,Such as Cricut maker3,Silhouette Cameo 4.

Weed the unprinted areas.

Peel your design from the backing paper.


Place the textile on the plate of the transfer press.

Place your design facing UPWARD onto appropriate position of T-shirt.

Place the teflon paper on the top of the design.

Press for 7~15seconds   Temperature 165°C    Pressure: Medium

Peel off teflon paper.

glitter transfer paper1227

glitter transfer paper

Cleaning of glitter heat transfer paper

The glitter heat transfer paper usually needs to be cleaned within 48 hours after the transfer is completed, and it will be obtained a betterglitter effect after cleaning.

The powder of most glitter products will be fallen seriously after cleaning or long-term use, and the glitter effect will be disappeared after a period of time. However, the glitter heat transfer paper of Vision has undergone repeated tests and experiments. It can be washed about 30 times, the pattern will not crack, and the glitter effect is still very good.

In addition to glitter transfer paper, we also produce more other types of heat transfer paper, such as luminous transfer paper,  temperature color changing transfer paper, light sensitive changing transfer paper, Self-Weeding (no-cut ) Laser Dark Transfer Paper and so on. If you want to know more information, please feel free to browse our official website or follow our social platform, we can provide free glitter transfer paper samples for you to test.

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