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How to use heat transfer paper for dark shirts?

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Heat transfer is widely known by the people who engage in the digital transfer consumables industry. It is an emerging printing process that can realize the transfer of personalized patterns on clothing, such as T-shirts, hats, shoes, etc., so that you have unique costumes. Of course, heat transfer paper can also be applied to other fabrics. Today, we mainly talk about the heat transfer paper for dark shirts.

Dark transfer paper is a kind of heat transfer paper, which is mainly used to print dark clothes. Because dark clothes are too dark in color and have a strong ability to cover other colors, they need a medium to print pictures on. Dark transfer paper is required at the moment!

What is the feature of dark transfer paper?

Dark transfer paper has strong adhesion, no wrinkles, elasticity and no heavy feeling. If the conditions are limited, it can be printed with ordinary ink. You can save more consumables! But if the manufacturer has high quality requirements for product transfer, we recommend using special heat transfer inks, such as pigment ink or dye ink. The comparison of these two inks is mentioned in our previous article. How to choose the ink used for inkjet heat transfer paper, pigment ink or dye ink?You can browse the article to learn more.

Which fabric does dark shirt transfer paper apply?

Dark shirt transfer paper by VISION is suitable for dark colored (≥65%) cotton or polyester cotton blend fabric.For example:dark T-shirts, backpacks, hats, casual wear (trousers), cultural shirts,sportswear, sweaters, bags, mouse pads and other products.

Dark heat transfer paper can also be used on artificial chemical fibers (polyester, polyester cotton), but there will be a phenomenon of color penetration, and the pattern or color of the clothing itself will penetrate into the transferred pattern and appear out.

How to operate dark heat transfer paper?

The dark transfer paper has a layer of film, which needs to be peeled off for transfer, and there is no need for mirror printing when transferring dark clothes! Therefore, the transfer paper should face up for transfer. While the light-colored transfer paper needs to choose mirror printing mode, and the transfer paper should face down for transfer.

For the operating instructions of dark heat transfer paper, please browse the downloads page of Inkjet Dark Heat Transfer Paper or watch the YouTube  of vision.

Vision is a heat transfer paper manufacturer specializing in the production and wholesale of various types of thermal transfer paper. We supply light colored transfer paper and dark heat transfer paper. Here, we mainly introduce dark-colored heat transfer paper. According to printer classification, dark heat transfer paper is divided into laser dark transfer paper and inkjet dark transfer paper.

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laser dark transfer paper

What is the difference between these two dark transfer papers?

1. Printer
The inkjet dark transfer paper uses an inkjet printer. Vision’s inkjet dark transfer paper is compatible with all inkjet printers, so you can buy it with confidence.

The laser dark heat transfer paper uses a low-temperature laser printer. The laser dark heat transfer paper by Vision has good compatibility, but we recommend HP laser color printer. What brand of printer is compatible with laser dark transfer paper? Please consult us before you purchase.

2. Print mode
When printing on inkjet dark transfer paper, you should choose plain paper, high-quality photo mode; when printing on laser dark transfer paper, you should choose label paper.

3. The temperature required for transfer is different
The temperature of the heat transfer machine must reach 165°C (160-170°C is ok) when the inkjet dark transfer paper is transferred. However,when the laser dark heat transfer paper is transferred, the temperature of the heat transfer machine is 140°C (140-150°C).

4. Stress
Inkjet dark transfer paper requires medium pressure during transfer; laser dark transfer paper needs low pressure during transfer.

5. Time
Regardless of whether it is inkjet dark transfer paper or laser dark transfer paper, the transferring time takes 7-15 seconds.

If the temperature is low, or the pressure is not enough, or the time is too short,it will cause the pattern transfer on the clothes to fail.If the temperature is too low, it will be unable to transfer, or it will easily fall off after transfer;If the temperature is too high, there may be a peculiar smell, may damage the ink and cause the color of the pattern to deteriorate. Therefore, it is necessary to control the temperature, pressure and time.

If you are a lover of home crafts creation,and need to use heat transfer paper to customize personalized patterns on clothing for your family or relatives and friends, you only need a household iron to realize your creativity. Regarding the selection and use of iron on t shirt transfers, you can browse the article of What kind of transfer paper can use for iron on t shirt transfers? If you have any questions about transfer paper dark fabric of other digital printing products from VISION,you can consult us at any time.

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