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Laser transfer paper VS Inkjet transfer paper

laser heat transfer paper

Print a picture/artwork on heat transfer paper, and then transfer it to clothes by heating. This is the process of heat transfer paper. According to different printers, the heat transfer paper is mainly divided into laser heat transfer paper and inkjet heat transfer paper. In this article, we will introduce the difference between laser heat transfer paper and inkjet heat transfer paper from different perspectives, such as types of printing, cost, durability, and image effects, so that you can make a better and more appropriate choice for your fabrics when choosing.
First of all, from the product category: According to the application to different color fabrics (here we refer to fabrics with a cotton content of more than 65%), we can be divided into laser dark transfer paper, laser light transfer paper; inkjet transfer paper for dark fabric, and inkjet light heat transfer paper. In terms of product types, no matter what color your garment is,both laser heat transfer paper and inkjet heat transfer paper can meet your needs.

1. Printer cost and printing speed
From the name of the product, we can directly understand that inkjet heat transfer paper requires an inkjet printer, and laser heat transfer paper requires a laser printer. They are not compatible. This is also the most fundamental difference between them.
The working principle of inkjet printers is to print images by jetting tiny liquid ink onto heat transfer paper. Because the inkjet printers is relatively cheap, it has always been very popular in the market, especially for some simple transfer or printing users, which can achieve the desired results at a very low start-up cost.
The working principle of a laser printer is to print pictures by melting dry toner onto thermal transfer paper at a high temperature. This kind of printer is most suitable for office environment.Firstly, because of its extremely fast printing speed.And secondly, it can realize continuous printing of thousands of sheets at a time. But the purchase price is usually higher.However, the advantages of maintenance and long-term use are becoming more and more obvious.

2.Image print color
Because of different machine printing principles, inkjet heat transfer paper can use pigments and dye inks, especially dye inks. Due to its characteristics, the printed colors are very bright and highly saturated; Laser printers require the toner to melt in the laser transfer on printing paper.Unlike ink,toner cannot be completely blended. So the color effect of laser printing will be lighter than that of inkjet printing. But it can also achieve normal use effects.

3. Cutting plotter
Regardless of whether it is laser printer transfer paper or inkjet heat transfer paper, in order to achieve the desired effect, we need to cut (Vision self weeding transfer paper is not included), especially dark heat transfer paper.Otherwise there will be a lot of white areas that cover the color of the clothing. After years of improvement, Vision heat transfer paper can be suitable for the popular cutting plotter on the market,such as cricut, etc.

VISION inkjet heat transfer paper

VISION inkjet heat transfer paper

4.The feel of the garment after transfer
Inkjet transfer paper relies on absorbing ink, so a layer of coating is added to the surface of the paper. While the toner of laser transfer paper adheres naturally to form a film, so laser transfer paper is usually thinner than inkjet transfer pape.And it feels softer after transfer. After transfer, the pattern part of Vision inkjet transfer pap has a matte effect.So in order to increase the bright color of the laser transfer,the picture presents a high-gloss effect after transfer.

5.Durability and washing durability after transfer
After a piece of clothing is transferred, how long can the pattern remain and how many times can it be washed? It is a matter of great concern. After repeated tests by the Vision team, there is no big difference between Vision inkjet transfer paper and laser transfer paper in terms of durability and washing times. Vision transfer paper can be washed 33 times, which fully meets your needs.

6.The cost of the product
The cost of the product is also a problem that everyone is very concerned about. We introduced the cost of the machine when we talked about printing at the 1st point. From the start-up cost, the inkjet printer is lower.But if you consider improving the production efficiency of the product from commercial use, Laser transfer paper also has its own irreplaceable advantages in long-term use. Excluding the cost of the machine, just consider the cost of transfer paper. the price of Vision inkjet transfer paper and laser transfer paper are basically the same.
Vision is a leading heat transfer paper factory from China. We provide stable and high-quality transfer paper with an absolutely competitive price and quality service in the market. At present, our various transfer papers are well received by customers all over the world. If you want to know more about Vision or our products, please feel free to contact us.
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