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How to choose the right sublimation paper(December2021)?

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How to choose the right sublimation paper?

As the digital printing market becomes more and more popular, the market share of sublimation transfer paper is also increasing. According to different printers and carrier applications of the products, different weights, different sizes, and different types of sublimation paper have also appeared. More and more factories start to produce sublimation paper. Due to the differences in production technology, chemical raw materials, paper base, factory management and other factors, sublimation transfer papers of uneven quality have also appeared on the market. Ordinary buyers or users cannot tell the speed of the sublimation transfer paper from the surface. As a factory with more than 10 years of dye sublimation production experience, Vision will introduce how to judge the quality of dye sublimation transfer paper from the following seven aspects, so that you can make a better choice.

1. Transfer rate

Transfer rate is a basic performance of transfer paper, which is different from ordinary inkjet transfer paper. A good transfer rate can make the color of the transferred material more colorful and save ink.

sublimation transfer rate

sublimation transfer rate

2.Ink compatibility

Adapt to various transfer inks as much as possible, so that the transfer paper coating has proper solubility for various sublimation inks, and the ink pattern can be exquisitely embodied on the transfer paper without penetrating the coating to the bottom paper and resulting in a low transfer rate.

3.Drying speed

The fast drying speed undoubtedly makes the user convenient to use, can facilitate continuous printing and improve the delivery speed. Printing speed is also a parameter for transfer paper manufacturers to track the increase in printer printing speed.

4.Warpage and warpage time

Transfer paper is a kind of coated paper. The inconsistency of the expansion and contraction rate of the coating layer and the base paper under dry and high temperature will cause single-sided warping. When the transfer paper warps, the following operations will be inconvenient:
1) The printer is inconvenient to feed paper. (Dry and warp at room temperature)
2) When printing a large number of sheets and stacking, it is inconvenient to sort because of warping. (Dry and warp at room temperature)
3) Before the thermal transfer, the transfer paper is warped, causing the transfer to fail due to the misalignment with the fabric. (Dry warping at room temperature)
4) Under the thermal transfer ironing board, the warpage and curl of the transfer paper will cause the transfer misalignment and cause the transfer to fail. (Warpage at high temperature)
At present, the products that produced by domestic and foreign transfer paper manufacturers have different degrees of warpage. The high-quality transfer paper has a small warpage angle and slow warpage, which can meet the flatness and time requirements of the printing transfer production process.It is easier to operate.

5. Print wrinkle wipe nozzle

Inkjet transfer paper requires that the wrinkle on the paper surface is as small as possible. If the wrinkle is severe during printing, the paper may arch and rub the nozzle, especially when the paper surface is rough, the nozzle is more likely to damage the delicate nozzle. The way to reduce the wrinkle of transfer paper is mainly to start with the base paper. The smaller wrinkle of the base paper, the smaller wrinkle of coating and printing. The second is to improve the coating formula to achieve the purpose of reducing wrinkles.

6. Impurity spots on paper

The spots (impurity spots) on the surface of the transfer paper are an important indicator of the transfer paper. These spots may be produced on the base paper, or may be produced in the coating or production process. The severe spots will endanger large areas of solid color printing but have little effect on color printing

7. Stability of quality

Consistency in quality is an important indicator of usability. The surface quality of the transfer paper is closely related to the user’s ink, print data settings, and the parameter settings of the transfer machine. The fluctuation or constant change of the surface quality of the transfer paper will force the terminal user to adjust accordingly. For example, the original color calibration needs to be redone, and the original printing samples that have been provided by the customer cannot be reproduced but only be redone, etc.Therefore, the end customers are in great need of thermal transfer products with stable and consistent quality.
Over the years, Vision has been committed to the development and production of high-quality sublimation paper, and has continued to propose more solutions for digital printing. At present, the minimum weight of our sublimation paper has reached 35 grams,which is also the lowest on the market. It not only saves the cost of consumables (ink and paper) to the greatest extent, but also improves production efficiency to a greater extent. In terms of product size, the maximum width can be 1.88 meters.
If you want to know more details about dye sublimation transfer paper, please contact us, we will provide you with high quality and low price dye sublimation paper.
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