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VISION recommends 5 inkjet printers suitable for heat transfer paper

inkjet heat transfer paper

For people who often customize garments, thermal transfer printing has become a cost-essential transfer method. It is not only low cost, but also support one piece minimum order, no inventory pressure, simple and easy to operate. Most importantly, there are many choices of machines. In this article, we introduce several suitable printers from different types of heat transfer paper.
First of all, heat transfer paper can be divided into: inkjet heat transfer paper, laser heat transfer paper, and a special laser heat transfer paper-self weeding transfer paper. This kind of paper has special requirements for the machine due to its particularity.According to the size, it is currently divided into heat transfer paper roll and heat transfer paper sheet. The corresponding printers include desktop printers (regular size A3& A4) and large format printers.

Inkjet printer is suitable for inkjet heat transfer paper

Inkjet printers are most suitable for inkjet heat transfer paper, which includes inkjet transfer paper for dark fabric and inkjet transfer paper for light fabric, Since the two heat transfer papers have the same requirements for the machine, we will not introduce them separately.
A good printer can bring better color, color reproduction, higher resolution, and more fine details to our T-shirt transfer. These will make your customized T-shirt transfer more perfect. And the printing is more vivid.
There are many brands and applicable models of inkjet printers on the market,such as HP, EPSON, Canon, Brother, etc. In this article, we will introduce the five most suitable inkjet printers for heat transfer:
1.Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000



6-color Claria Photo HD photo, HD ink.Up to 13*19 inch borderless large format printing.Red and gray inks, with a wider range of colors.Coupled with the exquisite print head, it can show more details of the picture, and the unparalleled color quality is highly recommended.

2.Epson WF7710 WorkForce wireless thermal printer



If you want to choose a very durable printer for inkjet heat transfer paper, this type is highly recommended. The rear tray paper feeding method is very suitable for thermal transfer paper, four-color ink cartridges, 4800*2400DPI high resolution.The PrecisionCore 2S print head is ideal for applying ink to the image you are using. Pigment ink can make the print on the clothing will not fade easily, and it will be retained for a longer time.
3. Epson WorkForce 1100 thermal transfer printer



If you are for commercial use of thermal transfer and have a very high pursuit of production efficiency, it is highly recommended that you use this printer. The printing speed of this printer is comparable to a laser printer, and the speed is as high as 30 transfer papers per minute. Even more,it still maintains highly saturated colors and fine details. Epson WorkForce 1100 thermal transfer printer has a micro piezo head with variable nozzles, which can adjust up to five sizes to better control the amount of ink used; Because it provides dual black ink cartridges and large-capacity ink cartridges,it is suitable for batch output and can save a lot of time cost and product cost.
4.Canon PIXMA TR4520 thermal transfer printer



Especially with the popularization of electronic products, we can complete our T-shirt design through different ways. In order to make the operation more convenient, we also have a great demand for printers with powerful connection functions. This printer makes it easier to print your pictures for thermal transfer design through connection options such as AirPrint, Mopria print service, wireless connection and Canon printing application. This type of printer can also be used for daily office use. It integrates copying, scanning, printing, and faxing. Although it only has two ink cartridges, we have tested it and it can still get very good printing results. Your design can be perfectly presented on our Inkjet Light Heat Transfer Paper or Inkjet Dark Heat Transfer Paper.
5.Canon TS6120 Thermal Transfer Printer



    If you are not for commercial purposes, but are a fan of thermal transfer, all kinds of thermal transfer equipment, thermal transfer consumables, thermal transfer tools, so that you have a great demand for space.Then we highly recommend this Canon TS6120 thermal transfer printer.This machine has a very compact design, only more than 5 inches high, uses a five-color ink cartridge printing system in a simple and small package.It can provide high-quality printing results.Besides, It has a very good handling of transmission media and is more suitable for small print jobs. In addition, it also provides connection methods such as AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, wireless printing, Bluetooth,etc.It is to meet your different channels of thermal transfer design sources. It is a very ideal small and beautiful printer.

    In addition to the five models mentioned above, there are more different types of inkjet printers on the market that can be used for heat transfer. When we choose thermal transfer printers, we must choose high-resolution and high-color output printers,.The main reason is that after printing on the heat transfer paper, we need to heat it through a heat transfer machine or an iron. If the quality of the printing is not up to the standard, it will greatly affect the effect of the final customized T shirt.

    Shanghai VISION is a professional heat transfer paper factory in manufacturing various types heat transfer paper,inkjet dark heat transfer paper,inkjet light heat transfer paper.We will provide you perfect solutions for heat transfer,whether it is used on pure cotton or other fabrics.
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