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Laser transfer paper and inkjet transfer paper for tshirt

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Summer is coming soon in 2022.Heat transfer paper for tshirt has become hot digital printing consumbles again.VISION heat transfer paper factory will tell you about the application of heat transfer paper.
According to printing equipment, VISION thermal transfer paper is generally divided into inkjet printer and laser printer.Not only laser printer but also inkjet printer is used to print heat transfer paper.

The difference between laser printer and inkjet printer

Both laser heat transfer and inkjet heat transfer use physical transfer. Inkjet printers convert color liquid inks into fine particles through nozzles and spray them onto inkjet transfer paper.While laser transfer technology directly uses color toner, this kind of toner is a pigment.Laser transfer is a print output that combines laser scanning technology and electrophotographic technology. Therefore, special color laser transfer paper should be used for laser printing.The pattern should be printed on the laser transfer paper. Then drop the toner under high temperature and high pressure to penetrate into the fiber!

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laser dark transfer paper

How to choose heat transfer paper if you have a printer?

As we know,Heat transfer paper is designed to work with either an inkjet printer or a laser printer.They are not compatible with each other.If you already have an inkjet printer, you will need to buy inkjet transfer paper. The inkjet transfer paper manufactured by VISION can be divided into inkjet dark transfer paper, inkjet luminous transfer paper,Inkjet Glitter Dark Transfer Paper and inkjet light transfer paper. If you own a laser printer, you need to buy laser transfer paper, which is divided into laser dark transfer paper and laser light transfer paper.

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inkjet dark transfer paper

Can I use any laser printer for heat transfer?

You can usually use a normal inkjet printer or laser printer to print your design. However, if you want a long-lasting design with clear colors and edges and get a better result, it is recommended that you use a printer with high-quality ink, high resolution.

What’s the difference between laser and inkjet printer for heat transfer paper?

Inkjet printers use inks that soak into the paper. Laser printers use toners that stay on the surface of the paper.
The price of inkjet printer is cheaper than that of laser printer.
Inkjet printers have a higher quality print definition than laser printers with a larger selection of heat transfer papers to choose from.Both the inkjet transfer paper and laser transfer paper have their own advantages and disadvantages,you can view Laser transfer paper VS Inkjet transfer paper to know more details.
Inkjet printers and laser printers can both use uncoated papers.

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VISION heat transfer paper factory

VISION is a heat transfer paper manufacturer from China.We supple one-stop t shirt printing solution for global customers.We are recruiting wholesalers from all over the countries.So if you are interesed in our digital printing products,please feel free to contact us or leave message to us.