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What is sublimation paper used for?

sublimation for plate

Sublimation paper is a special heat transfer paper used to transfer patterns on clothing and textiles. Dye sublimation transfer printing uses heat to vaporize the sublimation ink,and then realistically transfer the color patterns printed on the sublimation paper to the fabric.

Sublimation paper has a wide range of uses

When the sublimation ink touches the substrate, the ink combines with the substrate and penetrates the pattern into the substrate. Sublimation transfer printing is a new process used in textiles, porcelain cups, porcelain plates, porcelain plates, metals and other materials.Using inkjet paper for sublimation transfer printing, there is no adhesive film on the surface of the substrate, so the hand feel and visual effect of the pattern are far superior to the method of  transfer paper with ordinary ink. The effect of the pattern by sublimation transfer paper is colorful, non-fading, no cracking, and good ventilation. Therefore, sublimation transfer printing is a popular thermal transfer method in the world today. Photo banners, street light flags, ribbons, handbags, bags, posters, paintings, double-sided flags, clothing, tiles, glass made by sublimation printing paper transfer process stand out in a competitive market.

sublimation paper for metal

sublimation paper for metal

How to print on sublimation paper?

You can print on dye sublimation paper with dye-sublimation inks using a standard inkjet printer or laser printer. Then put the paper on the garment and use a heat press to transfer the pattern from the sublimation paper to your garment. If you don’t have a heat press machine at home, you can use an iron to heat up the pattern and then peel the sublimation paper off. Your design will stick to your garment and you will be able to see the transfer effect.

What is the best sublimation paper?

In the market, there are many sublimation paper manufacturers, and the quality of the sublimation paper they supplied is uneven. So it is very importent to choose a right sublimation paper supplier for your business.However,Some customers who are new to the heat transfer industry may not know how to choose the right sublimation paper factory,when they want to wholesale some sublimation printing for their shop or company. Before buying the sublimation paper, we must learn how to judge the quality of sublimation paper, so as not to buy inferior sublimation paper.If it happens, it would be very unlucky for you.

sublimation paper for textile

sublimation paper for textile

The specifications of VISION sublimation paper

Specifications: Common specifications for sublimation paper roll: Width: 0.42m; 0.61m; 0.914m; 1.118m; 1.3m; 1.5m; 1.6m;(It can be customized according to user requirements). The sublimation paper rolls provided by VISION have different weights, widths and lengths. The requirements for the use of low-weight and high-weight sublimation paper are also different. Customers can choose according to their needs or consult VISION official customer service to give you suggestion. Common specifications of inkjet sheet paper for sublimation transfer printing: A4 sublimation paper: 21cm * 29.7cm; A3 sublimation paper: 29.7cm * 42cm;our new product:a3+ sublimation paper. All our sublimation papers are offered to you with factory prices, which are very cost-effective.

Where can i buy sublimation paper near me?

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sublimation paper factory

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