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What does sublimation paper look like?|sublimation printing

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What is Sublimation Papers?
sublimation paper is a unique specialty paper which is used with sublimation inks for heat transfer printing.
Customers sometimes overlook the sublimation paper when setting up a heat transfer system. They spend much time on researching the right heat temperature and sublimation inks for better heat transfer printing quality. The sublimation paper is often a last minute buying decision.
Well, sublimation paper is actually playing a critical role in the final output quality of your sublimated products.
What Does Sublimation Paper Do?
One of the reasons that sublimation paper is so uniquely different is because of its purpose. Sublimation paper isn’t for documents like accounting pages or recipe books. It’s actually a specialty paper that is used to print patterns onto clothing and textiles.
Sublimation uses heat to vaporize ink and transfer it onto clothing. When the sublimation ink hits the fabric, the ink bonds with fabric fibers and becomes part of the fabric. So, if you just found sublimation paper and wanted to use it for office work, you’re out of luck.
Can I Just Use Regular Ink On Sublimation Paper?
You can try as much as you want to, but you’ll soon realize that it won’t work regardless of what you print. Sublimation paper is specifically made to lock in the gas that sublimated ink releases.
Regular ink isn’t made to be compatible with sublimation paper, and will usually smear right off the page if you print using this paper. After all, sublimation paper is mostly used for clothing prints, so it wouldn’t make sense to have ink that sticks to the paper.
How to Know Sublimation Papers Quality?
Look at the picture below. You will understand it. These are two different sublimation papers from different brands after heat transfer printing by digital mug press machine for the same time length and temperature.
Again, sublimation papers are important for an excellent heat transfer printing’s output. Why? It is because the sublimation paper is the medium to transfer the inks onto the sublimation blanks.
Just imagine, if it is a poor sublimation paper, it will only transfer 50% of sublimation inks onto sublimation blanks, and you will waste another 50% of sublimation inks every time. In long run business, this is very …. well, your inks are your money. Get it?

What is feature of vision sublimation paper?



Vision sublimation paper has bright colors and rich layers after transferring, which is comparable to printing, but the difference is that sublimation transfer transfer is to work under high temperature and penetrate into the surface.Therefore, there will be no glue film formed on the surface, and the image will not fall off or crack,It’s light last for a long time and will not fade.

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