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Heat press paper for shirts

heat press paper for shirts

Heat press paper for shirts have become universally popular around the world,because more and more people like customing shirts. We all love personalizing t-shirt with our name or a picture we like, or customizing a product to match our personality.

What is heat press paper for shirts?

You can take heat transfer paper as a fabric sticker, and then use your home inkjet printer or laser printer to print any design on the paper.After that, you apply it to more than 65% natural content fabric. Transfer paper refers to the transfer of a patterned paper, and the paper uses a special thermal transfer technology to heat and fuse the printed pattern with the fabric and transfer it to the surface of the fabric by a heat press or a hand iron.
If you have an inkjet printer at home, you should choose inkjet transfer paper, and if you have a laser printer, you should choose to buy laser transfer paper.Also,the printers used for these two types of transfer paper are not compatible.

What can you design and customize with heat press paper for shirts?

If you own a blank T-shirt,you can print anything like images, quotes, sayings, names on paper and use on fabrics with a cotton content more than 65% (the cotton content mentioned here refers to the transfer material of VISION factory produced). Of course,you can use heat transfer paper on any natural fabric for any occasion,such as jackets, hoodies, pants, socks,bags and many other items.

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heat transfer paper on hoodies

Which is better for applying heat transfer paper with a heat press or a hand iron?

Either way is fine. We recommend using a heat press for best results as it produces constant pressure and even heat. If you are a beginner and like to DIY at home, you can try it boldly with a home iron. Our iron on transfer paper is perfect for DIY beginners.We recommend trying it out on a piece of scrap fabric to test the heat temperature and pressure of your hand iron or heat press before you actually use it.

If you want to know more about heat transfer paper,you can browse VISION website.VISION offers a complete line of t-shirt transfer paper allowing you to create your own custom heat transfers. Whether you need transfer paper for inkjet printer, or you prefer to create designs with a laser printer, we have just what you need.

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heat transfer paper manufacturer

We are a Chinese heat transfer paper manufacturer specializing in digital printing for t-shirts for many years.Our heat transfer paper is available in a variety of sizes, providing excellent results that are durable and washable. We also provide customized services for you.