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Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival-0602

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in our country, it is a festival to protect life, and stimulate the spirit.  In order to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival, our company has carefully prepared a gift card for each employee. There are 8 kinds of gift cards on it. Gifts are available for selection. Employees can choose the gift they want according to their needs and then fill in the address to get it by mail.

Every time the festive season comes, our company remembers to seek welfare for the employees, and this spirit of corporate care really touched everyone. VISION has been striving to build a company where employees feel happy and belonging, All VISION employees will feel full care from the company. The company has shown the importance of employees with practical actions. I think such a company will only get better and better.

Finally, we are pleased to inform you that our vacation for the Drangon Boat Festival is from 3rd-5th of June.If you need any orders or have any questions,please contact us in advance.

We wish all customers and colleagues a happy Dragon Boat Festival!