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What is the best heat transfer paper

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The quality of heat transfer paper is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
From the surface quality of the paper
The adhesive and coating of the high-quality transfer paper are very uniform. Whether the coating on the transferred pattern is smooth and delicate directly affects whether the pattern is washable. Good quality heat transfer paper has high density, high whiteness, good uniformity, and smooth surface. The coating surface of the pattern transferred on the garment looks smooth and dense. The pattern transferred by this t shirt transfer paper is very washable, and the color does not fade at all after washing.It can be washed by hand or in the washing machine.
The pattern transferred from poor-quality transfer paper looks rough and loose. This pattern of transfer paper has bad firmness.Of course, it is not washable.
Judging from the printing surface of the paper
whether the coating of the paper is uniform, whether there is any missing coating and black spots, whether the color is consistent, etc.;
Judging from the transferring effect of the paper transfer
By printing the color contrast bar and transferring pictures to the fabric,it can be seen that the color reproduction, saturation, fidelity,and transfer uniformity of the paper, etc. of the paper, in addition, the ink absorption performance and drying time of the paper can also be reflected.The best thermal transfer paper has good compatibility with various inks.It makes the transfer paper coating hava appropriate solubility for various inks, So that the ink can be reflected on the pattern delicately without penetrating the coating to the backing paper and causing low transfer rate.

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heat transfer printer paper

Whether the transfer paper for t-shirts can be flattened after printing can also be seen the transfer paper is good or bad. The paper received by companies with strict quality requirements will be flat and even. During the transfer process, there is no need to worry about the wrinkle of the transfer product due to the paper.
The best heat transfer printer paper can be used on both light and dark fabrics, and some products can even be used on phone cases, mugs, and mouse pads. Make custom products for yourself, give them as gifts, or start your own custom printing business using a printer, heat transfer paper, iron and quality materials.
The best thermal transfer paper produces lasting designs. The pattern transferred from VISION heat transfer paper factory can be washed at least 33 times.

Where to buy heat transfer paper near me?

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transfer paper manufacturer

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