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If you are a person who loves to create, whether for profit or for entertainment, we think mastering the art of sublimation printing is a worthwhile investment. This guide will tell you what sublimation paper is.

What is sublimation paper?

When buying heat press consumables, you may come across something called sublimation printing paper. However, if you are new to transfer paper and heat press, You may not know much about sublimation paper.
This is a very common problem in the heat press community, we all have to learn at some point!What is sublimation paper?In short, sublimation paper is a special printing paper that absorbs and retains ink. When placed on a blank surface (such as a T-shirt, vinyl sheet, mouse pad, or other material) and heated, the dye sublimation paper will release ink onto the material. This process allows you to print indirectly on all different materials and products.
On the one hand, sublimation paper for shirts is a very fast and simple way to create your own personalized T-shirts and other goods. From home craftsmen to professional printers, everyone uses this process.

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sublimation sheet for printer

However, If you want high quality transfer results, make sure your sublimation paper is wholesale from a professional sublimation paper factory. You need to know a little bit about how this best sublimation paper works and the best way to use it.
So what is sublimation paper? In order to best answer this question, I think you should first understand the actual working principle of sublimation paper.

Sublimation paper consists of paper and a special polyester coating. This coating is the key to keeping the ink inside the paper.
When printing on this sublimation printer paper, the process is much like using a home printer and ordinary printing paper. Although the sublimation printer uses inkjet printing, you can’t just use any ink.
You need to use special sublimation ink with sublimation paper. Without this special ink, your transfer project will not success.

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sublimation ink

When the paper is placed on a blank surface and heated, the magic of sublimation sheets occurs. When heated, the sublimation ink of sublimation sheets will temporarily turn into gas. At the same time, the pores in the polyester coating will expand, allowing this gaseous ink to escape from the paper and deposit on the blank surface.
If you are still confused, consider sublimation transfer paper as a temporary storage unit for printed images. The point is not to keep your image on paper forever. Instead, sublimation sheets just keep the ink until it can be deposited on your T-shirt or other material of choice.