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How to apply heat transfer vinyl for t shirts

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If you do business of printing, I guess that you must be very familiar with the heat transfer paper, sublimation paper, dtf film and heat transfer vinyl and etc. So today we are going to talk about one of the most popular product–heat transfer vinyl.

As you can see, it is become more and more popular in the market for these years, especially for the summer season.  Because as it shows in the market, there are many kinds of heat transfer vinyls,like PU heat transfer vinyl,PVC heat transfer vinyl, glitter heat transfer vinyl and Metallic heat transfer vinyl, Soft Metallic heat transfer vinyl, Luminous heat transfer vinyl,Flock vinyl, Reflective heat transfer vinyl, Pu printable heat transfer vinyl and etc.

Why do we have so many types of heat transfer vinyl, it just because people have different requirement, so we have many types. Different types of t shirt vinyl will produce different transfer effects.So I think for these types, you must can choose the one that you like.And different heat transfer vinyls with different colors, it can attract your eyes a lot.

5 advantages of HTV vinyl

Why does HTV has some many types and become so popular in these years? Because htv vinyl has too many advantages.There are also many videos of various heat transfer vinyl on our website, which can help you better understand the transfer effect of these vinyls, and also teach you how to operate.

First, the operation is very convenient, when you get the information of below, you will know the reason. It is very easy to use it, because its steps are very simple, even if you haven’t used it ever. After reading our article, you also know how to use it.It only takes three steps in total. After you use it proficiently, you may be able to transfer a piece in 1 minute. I believe that you will fall in love with it.

The second advantage is that his transfer rate is very high. Because the operation is simple. As long as you reach the right temperature and time, you can transfer successfully.

The third advantage is. The heat transfer vinyl for t shirts can be made with various patterns, which can meet the needs of different young consumers. If you don’t like the pattern directly engraved, we also have a printable eco solvent heat transfer vinyl, you can make your favorite pattern on the computer, then print it out with eco-solvent ink, and then transfer it. The effect is also very nice.Even with very three-dimensional patterns, he can do it. So more and more people love this product.

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htv vinyl

The fourth advantage is that most vinyls can be either cold or hot torn. So, this saves everyone time. If you need make it a lot, this greatly speeds up your work efficiency. So, this is also one of the reasons why our heat transfer vinyl sells well.

And the biggest advantage of it is that it is ok for any fabric, even it is cotton, polyester or etc. For example, inkjet transfer paper can only be used on cotton fabrics. Sublimation transfer paper can only be used on light colored polyester fabrics. Their uses are limited and they are not widely used, so everyone prefers heat transfer vinyls.So more and more people like to use it make various patterns. And after transfered, the effect is very beautiful so more and more rceommend it for you.

Do you know how to use HTV vinyl on fabric? This is the important part of this article.I believe after read this message, you will know how to use it and get best transfer effect. So even you are new to this or very good at use this, I also want to it can help you a lot, Now please see details as below:

So if you want to use heat transfer vinyl to customize your t-shirts and other items, let us help you do the job. Please see below procedures to get more information.

The operation step of heat press vinyl

In the following information, we’ll show you how to use the heat press machine to apply your image that you like on T-shirt. Let us check it together. Fisrt, please prepare the things you’ll need in advance: What you need is a very simple T-shirt , a heat transfer vinyl, a cutting plotter and a heat press machine. ok, now, all things are prepared.Let us do it now.

Step 1. Cut and weed the design to be printed

The first step is pretty obvious as it involves choose the image that you like in the computer and cutting your design with the help of a cutting plotter. Then, you can weed it to remove excess vinyl that you don’t want to appear in your final design.

Step 2. Preheat the t-shirt area where you’ll be applying the design

Next, you’ll need to prepare the area of your t-shirt where you’ll be aping your design by pre-heating it by heat press machine. Just few seconds, then it is ok. Then put the T-shirt on the heat press machine, for our heat transfer vinyl, it needs 150-160 degree and 10-15 seconds. But for different types of vinyl for t shirts,it needs different time and temperature, so just do it regarding different requirement.

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heat press vinyl

Step 3. Peel off the excess film

At this point, you have successfully transferred your design onto your item. The only thing remaining is to carefully remove the cexcess one.

But before you do that, we suggest that you first check the instructions on the HTV you’re using to see if the manufacturer advises you to do a hot peel or cold Peel.and for our heat transfer vinyl, actually, most of them is ok for hot peel or cold peel.Different HTVs have different peeling requirements, so make sure you abide by the instructions of heat transfer vinyl manufacturer. After the peeling, give the design a1-2 seconds to cool down.

As you can easily see from this guide, the process is quite easy and fast, even for absolute beginners.If the above text explains still not ok for you,you can watch the operation video on our YOUTUBE ,We have a very detailed video on our website which I am sure will help you.

The best part about this method is that it produces quality and long-lasting results, and please noted, do not keep it on direct sublight, and keep it avoid heat and humidity. and the last one is please store it in a cold and dry area. Because all the products in the world will expired some day, so please keep it according to our requirements, so that you can also get the best transfer effect.

In a word, hope you can like this article and hope this article is helpful to you. After reading it, you can try the operation and see the transfer effect. At the same time, experience the fun of doing it yourself. I believe that you will have a great sense of achievement after the transfer is successful.

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heat transfer vinyl supplier

VISION is a professional heat transfer vinyl factory in China.If you want to try our heat transfer vinyl effect, you can also contact us and we can provide samples for free testing.Any questions, please contact us immediately, we will be happy to help you, thank you so much.