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Sublimation Paper for phone cases

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Thermal transfer technology has been used in the production of fabric heat transfer printing for a long time. With the rapid development of high technology, thermal transfer technology has become more and more widely used.

The pattern can be transferred to the mobile phone case by thermal transfer technology using professional sublimation paper.This kind of mobile phone case is most commonly made of PC plastic and high temperature resistant mixed materials.

With the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for mobile phones, the beautiful appearance of mobile phone cases has also become the pursuit of everyone!The thermal transfer machine adopts the principle of thermal sublimation, which is specially designed for mobile phone cases, mobile phone sets, mouse, etc.The application of sublimation transfer paper breaks through the monotonous color of the previous mobile phone case. The transferred mobile phone case have bright colors, bright patterns, high degree of reduction, strong personalization, waterproof and wear-resistant. It can be used as corporate gifts, advertising and other purposes.

In our daily life, there must be some memorable photos in our mobile phones or cameras, such as happy moments of relatives and friends, photos of family members, pictures designed by ourselves, favorite movie posters, record posters, mottos, national flags, etc. Make the photos into a personalized phone case so you can see it anytime.

Dye sublimation paper is ideal for personalizing phone cases.VISION sublimation sheets sizes available are:A3, A4, A3+.We also offer sublimation paper roll of different grammages,Please browse on our dye sublimation paper product page to learn more.

sublimation phone cases-0524

sublimation phone cases

To make your favorite phone case, you need the following materials:
1.A printer
2.A computer (both laptop and desktop)
3.Glass, plastic, tpu and other material mobile phone cases (except silicone material)
4. Special sublimation paper (VISION sublimation printing paper is compatible with printer – Dgen, Mimaki, Epson, Roland, Mutoh, MS, Regianni).

How to transfer your favorite picture onto phone cases?

1.First we import the photos we like into the computer
2.Measure the size of the phone case that needs to be printed
3.Use the picture software on the computer to process the picture into the size of the printed part of the mobile phone case.
4.Adjust the processed image to the appropriate position, and then Set the print mode to mirror print, Make sure blank side is the printing side.
5.Print the picture on sublimation paper?
6.Glue the printed sublimation paper coating to the back of the phone case.
A beautiful phone case is displayed in front of you.

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sublimation paper factory

If you are a want to bulk wholesale sublimation paper,please contact us.VISION is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of thermal transfer consumables.For more products, please visit our website.

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