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Sublimation paper for puzzles

Sublimation paper for puzzles-0520

Sublimation paper is not only used on clothing fabrics such as t-shirts,bags,pillows,etc,but also applied to other blank items,like tumblers,mugs,cups,puzzles,etc,.

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dye sublimation paper

Puzzles are not just traditional educational toys, but also fashionable gifts for new trends.
Personalized puzzles create a huge creative space. As long as you have a heat transfer paper, a computer, and a heat press machine, you can give full play to your creativity and imagination to produce unique puzzle patterns.It is recommended to use special sublimation printing paper for better results.
If you are one of VISION customers,you want to use our sublimation paper on puzzles,this article will help you.

How to use VISION sublimation paper for puzzles?

Design the pattern you want on the computer.
Print the pattern with your printer on VISION sublimation paper(water-based sublimation ink)
Note:Set the printing mode to mirror printing
Make sure blank side is the printing side
Pattern should be larger than the substrate.
Place the dye sublimation paper with pattern on a clean surface to dry,(Drying Time:3-5minutes)
Set the heat press machine according our instructions for use of sublimation paper.(temperature, time, pressure)
Transfer your pattern by heat press machine.
After transfer,remove the sublimation paper immediately from heat press once finished and peel hot.

VISION sublimation paper has the following advantages:

Over 98% Ultra High transfer rate and precision.
Extremely fast drying, no fracturing, greater ink saving.
Smooth printing without paper jam.
Superior line sharpness, excellent lay- flat performance, outstanding quality consistency.
Vibrant colors in transferred images.
Durable and washable, UV-resistant, no fading, no wrinkle.

Where can I buy sublimation paper near me?

We produce Dye Sublimation Sheets and Dye Sublimation Paper Rolls for Customers Worldwide.If you are looking for a stable transfer paper supplier, VISION is your ultimate choice for your projects.We have more than ten years of production experience in digital transfer industry,a manufacturer worthy of your trust.

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sublimation paper factory

We can provide you with heat transfer paper,sublimation paper,heat transfer vinyl,DTF printing,OBM sublitextile.If you want to customize size for your projects, we also OEM service.