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How long does heat transfer vinyl last

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Heat pressing has many advantages in terms of cost, process and image complexity. Heat transfer vinyl is mainly applied to clothing, luggage, shoes and hats, etc., and is mostly used for printing text, printing numbers and printing icons. But over time, adhesives and vinyl break down with washing and wear.
When the pattern of the heat press vinyl is transferred on the T-shirt, what should we do to maintain the T-shirt better and keep the the pattern of t shirt vinyl longer.

Please note the following points after T-shirt transferred

1.It feels a little hard after the T-shirt transferred , and it will become softer after you wash it. (Generally, a processed T-shirts need to be washed after at least 24hours.)
2.Do not rub the surface of (heat transfer) pattern on the T-shirt by hand (the surface material of the heat transfer pattern has no dirt).
3.Do not wash with detergent containing bleach, wash from the inside out with warm(below 40 ℃) or cold water.
4. It is best not to wash t-shirt with a washing machine. When washing with a washing machine, turn the pattern side to the reverse side and wash it. After washing, remove it from the washing machine immediately and do not spin dry.
5.When washing, do not scrub the neckline too vigorously to avoid deformation of the neckline.
6.When drying, the hanger can only be stretched in from the loose part of the clothes, and it cannot be forced directly from the neckline to avoid loosening after the neckline loses elasticity.
7.To dry naturally, do not expose the heat transfer T-shirt to the sun.

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t shirt vinyl

8.If the clothes need to be ironed, they can be ironed with medium temperature steam after drying (the ones containing elastic fibers should not be ironed at high temperature, so as not to damage the tissue structure of the elastic fibers and affect the elastic effect of the clothes), and do not iron directly on the pattern.
9.After ironing, do not stuff the clothes into a small space, you can hang or flatten the clothes on a hanger to keep the clothes in a flat shape.

Why is my vinyl peeling off my shirt after washing?
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HTV vinyl

Time – Ironing for too short time will result in the HTV vinyl not sticking to the shirt. Ironing for too long can have the same effect. HTV vinyl works by using a heat activated adhesive, so the time is too short and the heat is not enough to stick. Too long and it will actually burn the adhesive.

How long does VISION heat transfer vinyl last?
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heat transfer vinyl factory

If clothes are properly cared for, VISION heat transfer vinyl manufacturer recommend about 33 washes for vinyl heat transfer, after which they will eventually crack and fade.