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How to use iron on transfer paper on dark fabric?

What is iron on transfer paper?

Iron on transfer paper is a heat transfer paper that you can transfer the design with your hoousehold iron onto the t shirt.It is often referred to as iron on paper for shirts.It is suitable for family DIY.You can customize personal T-shirts for yourself, family, friends.If you are doing clothing business,You can also custom personalized patterns for your garment and make your business more benificial than others.

The advantage of iron on transfer paper

Suitable for multi-variety and small batch production.
Simple process, direct printout, short process, time-saving and labor-saving.
Make beautiful products. You can transfer your favorite pictures and images to cotton, polyester cotton and other textiles.
Can print and iron T-shirts, cultural shirts, hats, sportswear, sweaters, bags, mouse pads, etc.
It can be operated with household electric iron
Long lasting color and multiple washes.

What projects do you need?
Dark fabric,inkjet printer,iron,flat surface for ironing,silicone paper,design

How to use iron on transfer paper?

Iron on transfer paper by VISION heat transfer paper factory is available in dark iron on transfer paper and light iron on transfer paper,because the procedures for iron on transfer paper for dark fabric and iron on transfer paper for light fabric are different.We first introduce you the steps of dark iron on transfer paper.
The printer is set to photo (P), the paper option is plain paper, and the printing ink is ordinary water-based dye ink or pigment ink.



1.Print your design from an inkjet printer. Put the inkjet iron on transfer paper into the inkjet printer to print. After drying, you can use a cutting tool to cut off the excess part of the printed image. Keep a white edge of 0.5cm in the image part to prevent the ink from seeping out and soiling the clothes.Cover the image surface with the silicone paper. Peel the image off the backing paper gently.Place the image face up on the fabric to be transferred. Iron the irea back and forth across the silicone paper.
2. Please use a flat surface for ironing.And it is required that the carrier can withstand greater pressure. It is recommended not to use a household ironing board, because the household ironing board has elasticity and weak supporting strength, which is not conducive to the bonding of images.
3.Please set the iron temperature to cotton and linen setting. After reaching the highest temperature, start ironing. If the temperature of the electric iron is low, the image transfer will not be sufficient and it will fall off easily. Be careful not to use the steam gear, the water vapor will affect the transfer effect.
4. Iron the tshirt back and forth,40 seconds/each part. Pay attention to the special force when ironing the corners of the iron on paper, otherwise the best effect will not be achieved.
5. After ironing, keep it for a few minutes, and then tear off the silicone paper after cooling.

What ink can be used for dark iron on transfer paper?

Dark transfer paper can be with sublimation ink, weak solvent ink, ordinary water-based dye ink or pigment ink, etc. Iron on transfer paper for dark fabric can be transferred by electric iron to make personalized T-shirts, gift bags, satchels, mouse pads, etc.



When you do iron-on transfers on dark fabrics, you may have some problems. One of the most common problems is that iron-on transfers can turn yellow instead of maintaining their original color. You need to reduce the heat of the iron.

Precautions for washing:
We recommend to wash the transferred T-shirts with ordinary detergent and cold water alone, do not mix with other clothes at the same time, do not dry clean or bleach, please do not rub the transfer part, and dry it immediately after washing Or dry in a dryer. After washing, if the image has any signs of peeling off, you can cover the image with silicone paper and iron it again. Do not iron the transfer part directly with an iron.

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