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How to remove an iron on transfer paper printed on the shirt(Method2)


Method 2: Using Hot Air and Steam to remove an iron on transfer paper printed on the shirt
1. Lay the garment on a flat surface. An ironing board or a table top with a towel will do, but the surface must be heat-resistant.

iron on transfer paper1

iron on transfer paper

2. Tuck a towel into your clothes. Keep a small towel or rag under your clothes to prevent damage to the other side of your clothes. If the towel is too soft to handle on a hard surface, use a piece of cardboard or very thin plywood instead.

iron on transfer paper2

iron on transfer paper

3. Check the care instructions on the clothing label. Heating above the recommended temperature may damage the fabric. Too high temperature can melt some fabrics, such as polyester.

iron on transfer paper3

iron on transfer paper

4. Heat the pattern with a hair dryer. Set the hair dryer to the highest setting and hold it very close to the pattern or lettering, which may heat the glue to the point where it tends to stretch and peel.

iron on transfer paper4

iron on transfer paper

5. Heat the pattern with steam. You can also heat the transferred pattern with steam. Cover the pattern with a damp towel and place a very hot iron on it. The steam heats the glue until it spreads and falls off easily.

iron on transfer paper5

iron on transfer paper

6. Use a sharp knife to peel off the pattern. After loosening the pattern with hot air, pry it up by scraping along the edges of the pattern with a sharp knife. As long as a part is successfully pryed, the entire pattern can be easily torn off.

iron on transfer paper6

iron on transfer paper

7. Continue to heat and remove the pattern. Heat only a small portion at a time to keep it very hot, and then scrap it off bit by bit.

iron on transfer paper7

iron on transfer paper

8. Be patient. This method can be time consuming. Play your favorite music and challenge yourself to keep going until all the patterns are cleared.

iron on transfer paper8

iron on transfer paper

9. Remove any remaining glue. After removing the transferred pattern, adhesive may remain on the garment. Remove with rubbing alcohol or a glue remover like Goo Gone. Before using any chemicals on the fabric, be sure to find an inconspicuous location to test the effect.

iron on transfer paper9

iron on transfer paper

10. Wash your clothes as usual. After removing the transferred pattern and residual glue, wash the garment as you normally would. If you have used chemicals to remove the residual adhesive, you should wash it off to avoid chemical irritate or damage your skin.

iron on transfer paper10

iron on transfer paper

This is the second method introduced to you about how to remove an iron on transfer paper printed on the shirt.Thank you for your attention.And we will introduce another method to you next time.

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