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How do you iron on vinyl without heat press?

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The application of heat transfer vinyl has become more and more extensive in the market.whether it is the large-scale application of enterprises, or to personal family DIY, in order to realize a variety of clothing patterns,many people prefer to customize designs on their clothing,so the heat transfer vinyl plays an important role in the process.

Generally, enterprises need to buy a heat press machine for production, but some personal DIY enthusiast would like to print a design on t-shirts when they don’t have a heat press machine,in order to customize personalized clothing for their family members or friends. Thet can iron on vinyl without heat press,so a household iron can also fulfill their wishes.

What do I need for iron on vinyl?

Our most common query is; “Can I use an iron for T-shirt transfers?” All of VISION’s HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) collections are suitable for ironing. Hope this post will be helpful to people who want to iron on vinyl for shirts.

You need to prepare for a tshirt or other fabric you want to print;a household iron;iron on vinyl for shirts;Weeding tool;a plotter,such as Cricut;Standard Grip mat.

Do I mirror iron on vinyl?

Yes.when you print your design,you must choose” mirror” mode.

How do I iron on vinyl without heat press?

iron on vinyl process0114

iron on vinyl process

Time, temperature and pressure are extremely important factors when working with heat transfer vinyl, so make sure to check that all of settings are correct for each HTV material you use. If you wholesale heat transfer vinyl from VISION, be sure to consult our customer service before use, because different heat transfer vinyls require different time, temperature and pressure to transfer different fabrics.

Time-If you iron the fabric evenly for a certain amount of time as required, it only takes one operation to be successful.

Temperature-Pressing should be performed at the recommended temperature for VISION. If you use a household iron – most settings will revolve around the “cotton”setting (depending on your iron, not the highest setting) and turning off the steam function.

Stress-More of this problem occurs when using an iron. The pressure is only regulated by the pressure you manually apply during application. You need to push down hard on a hard surface with both hands, combined with your upper body weight, to mimic the same pressure as a regular heavy duty heat press.

What’s the problem with not having solid flat surface?

If you don’t have a solid flat surface, you won’t be able to achieve ideal pressing conditions. If you have garment seams i.e. neckline, arm and side seams, overlock seams, buttons, zippers, collars, overpack handles, etc. these seams are all slightly higher than your HTV decals and will prevent the iron from heating Parts become the first point of contact with vinyl.So,you shoud choose a solid flat surface on which to transfer your tshirts.

How to remove iron on vinyl?

There are 3 conditions for the peeling of the iron on tshirt vinyl, cold, warm or hot peeling. Be sure to check the iron on vinyl instructions for the iron on vinyl you are using.Choosing the wrong peel method can ruin your design and and possibly fall off in the wash.

iron on vinyl01142

iron on vinyl

What do you have to pay attention when using iron on vinyl?


1.Set the iron to the”cotton”setting and turn off any steam functions. Use the iron on a sturdy surface, such as a table or floor (an ironing board is not recommended).
2.Iron clothes to remove moisture and wrinkles.
3.Place the design carrier sheet side up and cover with a sheet of greaseproof paper/baking parchment or silicone sheet. The pressing time depends on the iron on vinyl used.
4.Use both hands to hold on the iron on vinyl for the recommended time, with some heat transfer vinyls you may need to add a few extra seconds.
5.If you press too long, the adhesive may melt, and if pressed short time or not firmly enough, the adhesive may fall off.
6.Pressure is the key factor to success – heat press can hold down clothes, so you need to mimic that pressure.

According to the peeling conditions of the selected heat transfer vinyl, choose whether it is cold peeling, warm peeling or hot peeling, and peel off the carrier sheet accordingly.

If the iron on vinyl does not to be sticked, please re-press for a few seconds.

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