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How to heat transfer glitter vinyl?

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The various personalized patterns on each of our clothing are realized through many consumables in the thermal transfer industry, such as heat transfer paper, sublimation paper, heat transfer vinyl and other digital products produced by VISION factory. All of the heat transfer consumables are printed the patterns on various fabrics by different mothods.

Different consumables have different materials, different prices, different processing, and different final effects. Today, we will mainly talk about the transfer effect of one of the heat transfer vinyls manufactured by our factory –glitter HTV.

What is glitter heat transfer vinyl?

The internal structure of the glitter heat transfer vinyl is mainly composed of a protective film + a plastic material containing chive powder + PET film. The PET film is a release substrate with viscous properties.It is soft and stretchable,and has good elasticity.The glitter HTV vinyl has high coverage with a shimmery powder finish. Besides,The glitter heat transfer vinyl is not deformed, degummed, or powdered by high temperature hot stamping. It is suitable for designing fine patterns, numbers and letters.The features of easy engraving, cutting, weeding and resettable make it more widely used.

glitter heat transfer vinyl01172

glitter heat transfer vinyl

Features of glitter heat transfer vinyl by VISION:

heat transfer vinyl —a fun glitter pattern.
1) Washing resistance, high temperature resistance, high elasticity, no fading;
2) Wide application range and can be widely used in various textile fabrics;
3) The product is rich in color and has a wide range of choices;
4) The three-dimensional effect is great, the onion powder is uniform and fine, and the flashing effect is uniform;
5) The color is pure, the color variety is rich, and the color and pattern can be set arbitrarily;
6) No glue opening and no breakage in high and low temperature environment;
7) Simple, fast and convenient operation;
8) Color transfer printing is possible to increase the richness and variability of the fabric, and it is not limited by the color of the fabric, as long as the fabric material can be transferred, it has good color fastness to washing and adhesive fastness after transfer .

How to cut glitter heat transfer vinyl?

Glitter heat transfer vinyl is easy to cut and weed, you can cut out the pattern you want with a cutting plotter, such as a Cricut Machine, and then peel the pattern off with a weeding tool. Then transfer your pannern on the fabrics with a heat press.If you are using glitter htv at home and without heat press,you can iron on glitter vinyl and achieve the same effect you want.

How to iron on glitter heat transfer vinyl?It is a popular problem about using iron on glitter vinyl,so you can refer to the article of How do you iron on vinyl without heat press?Hope this post can help you.

How to apply glitter heat transfer vinyl?

Glitter heat transfer vinyl is widely used in clothing, children’s clothing, shoes and hats, bags, advertising materials, etc.; suitable for logo printing, such as thermal transfer production of sports numbers, logos, text, advertisements, posters and other personalized patterns.

It is suitable for fabrics such as acrylic fiber and polyester as well as cotton and so on.

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heat transfer vinyl factory

The glitter heat transfer vinyl is a best seller in our heat transfer vinyl factory,for its very eye-catching glitter effect. If you are interested in any of VISION heat transfer vinyls, please feel free to contact us, or watch our video.

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