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Thermal transfer solutions for pattern blistering

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Heat transfer vinyl is produced by precision instruments. Sometimes,heat transfer vinyl may cause blistering and wrinkles/glue overflow/fading/yellow during hot stamping of garments by some individuals or garment factories , such as improper operation, mismatch of equipment and products, etc. In this article, the technical engineer of the VISION heat transfer vinyl factory will share the reasons about the above phenomenon from several aspects.

Reasons for blistering of T-shirt vinyl

1) Because the temperature of the thermal transfer machine is too high or the vinyl has been torn off, multiple pressings are performed
Solution: It is recommended thet you should adjust to the correct temperature for testing according to the parameters provided by the factory. If you feel that the transfer is not good, don’t rush to tear off the vinyl, and press or iron again after cushion the isolation paper!
2) The substrate fabric is wet. The water vapor is remained between the fabric and the pattern after the transfer, and blistering occurs after cooling.
Solution: Press the substrate to evaporate the water vapor before transfer, and then transfer the pattern on the fabric;
3) The air permeability of the substrate is not very good, and there is air in it when it is transferred. After cooling, the pattern blisters.
Solution: If the fabric has poor air permeability, you can use an electric iron to position it first, and then use a heat press machine to transfer the pattern.

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Reasons for fading of T-shirt vinyl

Under general circumstances, the dark heat transfer vinyl or fluorescent heat transfer vinyl  will fade, so the heat transfer vinyl should not be soaked for too long after hot stamping, and washing with a washing machine is prohibited.

Glue overflow of T-shirt vinyl

Glue overflow may be caused by too high temperature. It is recommended to set the temperature according to the parameter provided by the factory for testing.

Yellow edge of T-shirt vinyl

The white heat transfer vinyl has yellow edges in many cases, and the release type heat transfer vinyl cannot be engraved with a laser machine, because the firepower of laser is too strong, and it is easy to burn or have a yellow edge.So it is recommended to use a cutting machine for physical cutting.

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