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How to solve the problems when using heat transfer vinyl?

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Some problems that may occur when using heat transfer vinyl

When we use the heat transfer vinyl, some bad things may happen, for example,the HTV vinyl will warp when cutting; the heat transfer vinyl cannot be ironed when transferring; Dirty spots on the hot stamp; the effect after transfer is very good,but the pattern will fall off after washing and so on.

The reason why the heat transfer vinyl will warp when cutting:

1. The heat press machine is uneven, resulting in uneven temperature and pressure, and the hot melt adhesive on t shirt vinyl does not have enough temperature and pressure to melt and solidify;
2. The fabric is uneven;
3. The pattern is too small or the lines are too thin, so that it has been melted when cutting with the laser machine or marking machine.
4. Waterproof fabrics such as down jacket fabrics;
5. The cloth is damp;
6. Hot tear after transfer, resulting in warped edge;
7. Do the washing test immediately after the ironing;
8. The pressure of the heat press machine is not enough;
9. The pressing temperature has not been reached.

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How to solve the problems when using heat transfer vinyl

In response to these problems, the engineers of the VISION heat transfer vinyl factory share with you some tips when the heat transfer vinyl is transferred.

We know that the three elements of thermal transfer of heat transfer vinyl is: the temperature, time and pressure during the hot stamping process. It is very important to grasp the three points.

1. Check the temperature
Before ironing, you need to read the specifications of the hot stamping product, and you need to check the temperature first. The temperature plays a role in dissolving and melting the hot melt adhesive. Different series of VISION heat transfer vinyls require different temperatures when transferring different fabrics. Be sure to refer to the transfer parameters of the heat transfer vinyl.

2. Check the pressure of the hot stamping equipment
A.According to the area of the heating plate, to accurately calculate the ironing pressure.
Usually, the hot stamping pressure should be set above 0.2KG/square centimeter.
B.Test the pressure manually. A simple way to test the pressure of the heat press machine, put a release film on the pressing plate, and try to pull the release film. If the release film can be pulled, it means that the pressure by the heat press machine is not enough and needs to be reset!

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3. Precautions for ironing
1) The fabric should be pressed flat before pressing, especially the transfer of adult clothes, so as not to cause uneven heating or pressure due to the corner buttons on the garment;
2) Add a layer of high temperature cloth or anti-stick cloth on the pressing panel;
3) Follow the correct tearing method, such as cold tearing or hot tearing.

4. Reasons for dirty spots on hot stamp
1) Check whether there is any debris on the heating plate
2) There are debris on the pattern.
It is recommended to put a piece of silicone oil paper or breathable cotton cloth on the ironing surface to protect the pattern and fabric;

5. The effect is very good after transfer, but the pattern will fall off after washing?
Since the fabric and the glue of the heat transfer product hava not yet fully fused, the glue has not completely cooled down.If you wash immediately, the pattern will be warped or fallen off . It is recommended that after the thermal transfer product is ironed, the water washing test should be carried out after 24 hours.

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