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Do sublimation printing on dark shirts?

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Can I use sublimation paper for dark shirts?

Recently, many customers who wholesale sublimation paper from the VISION factory often ask :Can I use sublimation paper for dark shirts?or how can I do sublimation printing on dark shirts? Vision,as a professional sublimation paper factory with more than ten years of experience, I can tell you that this is not possible. You cannot use sublimation transfer paper for heat transfer on dark fabrics.

The principle of sublimation is different from that of heat transfer paper. The most basic principle of sublimation is that it actually dyes polyester fibers.The principle of thermal transfer printing is to print the digital pattern on the special heat transfer paper with special transfer ink through a printer, and then use a heat press machine to accurately transfer the pattern to the surface of the fabric at high temperature and high pressure to complete the pattern printing.

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Do I need special inks for dye sublimation?

Yes, you should use special dye sublimation ink if you want to achieve ideal transfer results. Sublimation transfer ink  is to make low-energy, easy-to-sublime disperse dyes into digital printing ink, which is printed on sublimation paper. By heating, the image can be made to polyester fiber, porcelain, metal, chemical fiber cloth and other materials in the shortest time.It is very suitable for the market needs of personalized development and the requirements. Whether you are using for batch transfer or DIY transfer at home, it is very applicable.

How long does sublimation fabric last?

If you take proper care of your clothes, after many tests by the technicians at the Vision heat transfer paper factory, the transfer by heat sublimation will not form a film on the surface of the fabric, and the image will not peel off, not crack, and it has strong light fastness.It will not fade for a long time.

In general, sublimation transfer paper is suitable for white or light-colored fabrics, not for dark-colored fabrics, but pure black patterns can be transferred.

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