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10 advantages of heat transfer paper|Heat transfer paper factory

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In recent years, heat transfer printers have become more and more popular. As one of the consumables of heat transfer printers, heat transfer paper is now used for printing on many occasions. We can also see related heat transfer paper manufacturers have also become more and more. It can not only be used to transfer our common fiber fabrics, but also some natural fiber printing or blended fabrics can be used for heat transfer printing, so what are the main advantages of heat transfer paper?

In this article,VISION, as a heat transfer paper factory ,introduces you 10 advantages of heat transfer paper as follows:

The advantages of heat transfer paper can be divided into the following points:

1. Sustainable wood pulp, renewable;
2. Non-bleached fiber, no brighteners added, no chlorine element, no harmful gas emissions during the transfer process;
3. Hybrid double-coating structure, support saturated printing 400% ink volume, no film cracks, no back penetration, good paper surface smoothness, high printing accuracy, clear layers, and wide color gamut;
4. Inks with different surface tensions have good compatibility, high tolerance, and support industrial-grade unattended operations;
5. The error of full width is less than 2%, the slitting surface of the roll is neat, the paper is accurately fed, and the back wet process technology does not warp on both sides, high wet deformation strength, large ink volume, high speed and low printing without deformation, and the nozzle does not scratch;
6. High ink absorption capacity, fast drying,effectively improve production efficiency, no re-pollution of decal movement, and reduce waste rate;
7. High thermal stability, no deformation, no wrinkle, high paper strength, not easy to break;
8. High ink utilization efficiency and no ink residue;
9.No color difference between printing effect and transfer effect, and the color performance is stable;
10. Full online control, perfect evaluation system, stable quality, effective coverage of service area.

In fact, you can often see heat transfer paper for shirts in DIY shops. It acts as an intermediate carrier in the DIY process. Simply put, heat transfer paper is a medium between the product and the printing!

The biggest advantage of heat transfer paper in use is that it is very environmentally friendly, and it can be operated without water, so that there will be no sewage.It is a very green and environmentally friendly product.

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In addition,the time of the whole process is very short. Basically, it is a complete finished product after printing, and no special post-processing is required at all.Besides,heat transfer paper produced by the heat transfer paper factory usually has very fine patterns and a strong sense of art, which is completely incomparable to many ordinary printing. Moreover, the printing colors of the heat transfer paper we have seen are also very fresh, it will not pollute the dyed fabric finally.

Because its production time is relatively short, and it has very strong flexibility.Generally, once the customer chooses it,the desired pattern can be made in a short time. These are some of the advantages of heat transfer paper.

So we can see that why the heat transfer paper on the market is so popular and loved by everyone now. Why the number of related heat transfer paper manufacturers is gradually increasing. VISION is one of the heat transfer manufacturers specializing in the production of heat transfer paper from China. We have more than ten years of production experience and a very mature production line. We provide all customers with high quality and low price heat transfer paper at the factory price. If you are interested in our heat transfer paper and other kinds of digital printing paper,you can contact us at any time.

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