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How to use sublimation paper for shirts?

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Sublimation paper for shirts is more and more popular in the market,Before using the dye sublimation paper correctly, you must choose the right printers suitable for sublimation paper,when you purchase it from the sublimation paper manufacturer or wholesaler;Next,how to set the appropriate heating temperature and time of sublimation paper, because the different heating temperature and time required for the dye sublimation paper produced by different manufacturers;In addition,the ink suitable for sublimation paper is important.In order to avoid unnecessary waste and safe use, Only consult clearly from the buyer,can you use sublimation paper.

1.How to choose the printer for sublimation paper

I take VISION sublimation paper as a sample,If you choose our A3/A4 sublimation paper,you can use any ordinary inkjet printer,our sublimation paper is compatible for injkjet printers of many brands,such as Epson,Cannon,HP,etc.

If you choose VISION sublimation paper roll,Wide Format Inkjet Printer is the most suitable,it is compatible for Epson,HP, Muto,etc.
(Important)Print mode: select matte paper (photo paper)—standard mode—Mirror printing!

2. Adjust the appropriate heat pressing temperature and time

The temperature range of thermal transfer is about 180-230℃, and the time is about 10-40 seconds, a good test should be done to determine the best work before the formal batch transfer.
Parameters. Recommended temperature of fabric parameters: 210℃  time:30~40 seconds(The parameters only suitable for VISION sublimation paper)

3. Adjust the appropriate color density

Adjust the color density in the computer to avoid excessive ink that is not easy to dry. After adjustment, you need to check the effect of thermal transfer.

4. The hot pressing surface must be close to the heat transfer

During thermal transfer, the hot pressing surface, sublimation transfer paper, and the surface of the substrate must be close to each other, and there should be no gaps, otherwise the transfer image and text will be blurred.

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sublimation ink

5. Can you use regular ink on sublimation paper?

Be sure to use special sublimation ink. This kind of ink made of disperse dyes will sublime and dye the substrate at the transfer temperature. The high-quality sublimation ink should not block the nozzle, the color is vivid, and the stability is good.

6. The advantages of sublimation transfer

Sublimating graphics for dye sublimation paper are bright and rich in color, and its effect is comparable to printing. Dye sublimation transfer is to make the thermal transfer ink sublimate and penetrate into the object at high temperature, and then form a bright image after sublimation. Therefore, the heat transfer product is durable, and the image will not fall off, crack and fade.

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sublimation paper

7.Where to buy sublimation paper for shirts?

The sublimation transfer paper produced by the VISION sublimation paper factory is suitable for light-colored or white non-cotton fabrics, such as polyester, poly and cotton mix,chemical fiber, etc. At present, the sublimation transfer paper produced by our factory can be used in clothing, shoes and hats, pillows, mouse pads, flags, glasses cloth, luggage, kites, PET non-woven fabrics, headscarves, floor mats, blankets, towels, bath towels, swimwear, maps , Wallets, banners, ceilings and other industries. If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler or agent engaged in the T-shirt transfer industry and need to wholesale sublimation paper, please feel free to contact us, We not only manufacture sublimation paper,but other digital printing products,like heat transfer paper,heat transfer vinyl,DTF printing,OBM!We are looking forward to your call.

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