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What is best way to keep sublimation paper?

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What should we pay attention to when storing sublimation transfer pape?

After many customers who wholesale sublimation paper from VISION factory, might encounter a question——the transfer effect cannot achieve the best results.This is because of their improper storage of sublimation paper.

The storage conditions of the sublimation paper are very important.The temperature in the room is too high or too low that will affect the transfer effect of the dye sublimation paper. In this article, VISION sublimation paper factory is here to introduce you the best way to keep sublimation paper?

1. Precautions for the printing room where the sublimation paper is stored

1) The temperature of the printing room should be controlled at about 20-25 degrees Celsius, and the humidity should be controlled at 50% to 70%.

2) The printing room must be kept clean and hygienic. You should avoid dust and impurities in the air from contaminating sublimation paper,sublimation ink and even printer nozzles, causing damage to the printer.

2. Precautions for the printer

1) The printer power supply should be grounded, so as not to bring static electricity to the printer and affect the printing effect.

2)Keep the printer at horizontal position,to avoid uneven ink pressure during the printing process, resulting in chromatic aberration and ink rejection.

3) The ink sac should be cleaned every three months, and the ink stack and wiper should be cleaned frequently.

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3. Attentions during printing and transferring

1) You mustn’t touch the printing surface of the sublimation transfer paper directly with your hands, so as not to contaminate the sublimation paper and affect the printing effect.

2) For the printed sublimation paper that need to be stacked, you must wait until the patterns are completely dry before they can be stacked, otherwise the printed sublimation paper will be contaminated and scrapped.

3) When transferring, set the most suitable transfer temperature and transfer time according to the operating environment and machine conditions. Pay special attention to choosing different transfer temperature and transfer time for different fabrics.

4) During thermal transfer, the hot pressing surface, transfer paper, and the surface of the substrate must be close to each other, and there should be no gaps, otherwise the transfer image and text will be blurred.

5) For fabrics that are easy to shrink by heat, you can perform 1-2 times of pre-pressing before printing and then transfer. If you use TAC sticky sublimation paper for transfer, you can achieve better results.

6) Before production,make sure to adjust the color calibration of computers, printers, sublimaiton ink, sublimation transfer paper, and thermal transfer machines. The surface of the transfer machine needs to be kept clean. Samples should be tested before transfer, and the formal transfer can be performed after gaining experience. .

7) Storage conditions: waterproof, fireproof, and avoid strong light (please seal when not in use).

If you would like to know more about VISION sublimation paper, please feel free to contact us,and we will give you a satisfactory answer.Thanks for your attention to VISION!

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