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Light Transfer Paper or Dark Transfer Paper – How To Choose?

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Dark Fabric Transfer Paper VS Light Fabric Transfer Paper

Many customers who have just been involved in the heat transfer industry can’t distinguish heat transfer paper, and don’t know what dark transfer paper and light transfer paper are. In this article,we focus on introducing heat transfer paper and how to distinguish between dark transfer paper and light transfer paper. To give a simple example, you put a white cloth, a blue cloth, and a black cloth in the red dyeing vat at the same time, and take them out after a few minutes. What is the result? The white cloth was dyed red, and the blue became purple due to the color mixing with red, and the black cloth was still black! This is the principle of additive and subtractive color.

What is the difference between dark transfer paper and light transfer paper?

Heat transfer paper is divided into light-colored transfer paper and dark-colored transfer paper, but dark-colored heat transfer paper and light-colored heat transfer paper are relatively speaking! The light and dark colors are based on the color difference of the clothes being transferred, not the color of the heat transfer paper itself. On the surface, these two heat transfer papers are like inkjet heat transfer paper, so It is easy to identify which side the printing surface is.

About the heat transfer paper by VISION factory

The color of light and dark transfer papers are both white, but how to distinguish the dark transfer paper and light transfer paper? Let’s take the heat transfer paper of VISION heat transfer paper factory as an example.

First,pay attention to the mark on the packaging bag, indicating whether it is light or dark;
Second,the back printing of VISION heat transfer paper is VISION, and the colors of different categories are different.For example, the color of inkjet dark transfer paper is dark green backprint; and the color of inkjet light transfer paper is light yellow backprinting;the color of laser dark transfer paper is yellow back printing, the color of laser light transfer paper is pink back printing;
Third,the thickness of the heat transfer paper is different. The dark color of the thermal transfer paper of the same brand is thicker than that of the light color;
Finally,the dark transfer paper can be torn into two layers, while the light-colored transfer paper cannot. There are also some special-purpose transfer papers, such as luminous dark transfer paper, inkjet glitter transfer paper, etc., both of which belong to the category of dark transfer paper.
If you want to print on black fabric, you can change the attribute of black facric to white attribute, so dark heat transfer paper is actually a layer of white film with inkjet coating on it, which can absorb thermal transfer ink to form an image,and can adhere to the surface of the heat-transferred object under high temperature.

Can you use light transfer paper on dark fabric?

Many customers care about whether light-colored transfer paper can be used on dark fabrics.The ink relies on a visible white background and produces accurate color reproduction. If the color of the fabric is not white, but not too dark (pink, yellow, light blue, etc.), you can use light-colored transfer paper to transfer the image onto the dark fabric, and light-colored transfer paper can still be used for some images. However, because the film of light-colored transfer paper is thin and relatively transparent, the color or pattern of the fabric itself can be seen through the heat transfer paper. Therefore, some images may appear in the color of the underlying fabric or cause color mixing .

What color fabric can be used with light-colored transfer paper? The light-colored transfer effect is best suitable for white/light-colored fabrics. VISION heat transfer paper manufacturer is specializing in the production and development of all kinds of heat transfer consumables. It is recommended that all customers who purchase our heat transfer paper: For best results, light-colored heat transfer paper should only be used for light-colored fabrics, such as White, off-white and cream color.

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light transfer paper

Can you use dark transfer paper on light fabric?

The heat transfer paper used for light fabric transfer paper has a very thin polymer layer and is only suitable for light-colored fabrics. On the other hand,dark fabric transfer paper is thicker and lower transparency on white backgrounds. They are suitable for clothing of any color.Dark-colored transfer paper and light-colored transfer paper have different transfer effects. The background color of light-colored transfer paper is translucent, while the color of dark-colored transfer paper is pure white. Dark transfer paper will feel thicker, while light transfer paper will feel softer. So customers can choose them according to your needs.

After understanding the above principles, you will know when to use transfer paper dark fabric and when to use transfer paper light fabric. If the color of the pattern to be printed is darker than the surface of the fabric to be transferred, then light-colored fabric transfer paper can be used. If the image to be printed is lighter than the surface of the fabric to be transferred, dark fabric transfer paper should be used.

VISION has been engaged in the heat transfer consumables industry for more than ten years and has a wealth of manufacture experience. We will answer the questions that customers encounter when you use our heat transfer paper and share them with all friends who want to know more about digital printing products.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for consultation, and we will reply in time.

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