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What is Sticky Sublimation Paper and How to choose it?

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Dye sublimation paper is widely used in digital printing. According to different transfer materials,different machinery and equipment and the needs of different customer groups. Vision sublimation paper factory produces and develops different types of dye sublimation papers with different weights.According to different printers,we include ultra-low weight 35-50 grams sublimation paper, medium-low weight 60-70 grams sublimation paper, and medium weight 80-100grams sublimation paper. We also supply100 grams to 120 grams sublimation paper,the two types of sublimation paper are high grammes weight.Depending on the dry speed,Vision sublimation paper factory produces Fast dry sublimation paper, Instant dry sublimation paper, and ultra fast dry sublimation transfer paper. In addition, according to the elasticity of the fabric, Vision also wholesales three different sticky sublimation paper:low sticky (30%) sublimation paper, medium sticky (60%) sublimation paper, high sticky sublimation paper (80%).

In this article,VISION will mainly introduce sticky sublimation paper for you.

Why we need sticky sublimation paper?

Sticky sublimation paper adds a layer of tackifying coating to the coating of conventional sublimation paper. During the heating process of printing and ironing, the adhesive coating on the surface of the sublimation paper is activated. It can help to fix the picture and the cloth without moving when you transfer the pictures on the sublimation paper to the cloth. Meanwhile,it can help to produce ghost images due to the shrinkage of the elastic fabric itself during the transfer process. At the same time, during our operation, if the pressure is not enough, the paper and the fabric may be separated after the second press, which will cause the image to be repeatedly transferred. Therefore, the use of sticky sublimation paper can avoid this risk well.

When do you need to use sticky sublimation paper?

First,if you have ghost images during the transfer process(mentioned above), we recommend using sticky sublimation paper.

Second,When using some elastic or stretchable fabrics, the elastic fabric will change and be stretched under pressure,and when we use the heat transfer machine to transfer, we place the printed sublimation paper on the transferred elastic fabric. If the elastic fabric is stretched during this process, the sublimation transfer paper will produce ghost images, which will greatly affect the finished effect of the transfer. So the sticky picture of the sticky sublimation paper can hold the paper and the cloth well and prevent them from separating, so that the perfect effect can be achieved after the transfer.

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sticky sublimation paper

Why do we supply three kinds of sticky sublimation paper?

Vision sublimation paper factory has customized three different sticky sublimation papers for users. Many customers will think that the stickiness is so good. Why don’t we use high-sticky sublimation paper to complete all the transfers.We consider from two aspects.

First, the cost issue. As the stickiness becomes higher, our input cost is increasing. Therefore, the customer’s use cost will increase. The fabrics are also divided into different elastic levels. High-sticky sublimation paper is mainly used in some sportswear made of high-stretch fabric.

Second, Since we add a layer of viscous coating to the surface of the sticky sublimation paper, this will affect the drying speed of the sublimation transfer paper, Therefore, it cannot achieve the customers who are pursuing high-speed transfer, especially some high-speed dye sublimation printers. So, we still recommend that customers choose the most suitable sublimation transfer paper with different viscosity according to the needs of thermal transfer processing.

As a factory in China with multiple high-speed sublimation coating equipment, Vision has its own R&D team. We have been committed to creating sublimation transfer paper, heat transfer paper, and heat transfer vinyl that meet the needs of customers.We make effort to solve customer problems about consumables in the process of clothing printing, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve the quality of finished products, and meet diversification customized needs.

If you want to know more about our sublimation paper or other thermal transfer products, you can contact us at any time, call us or send us an email.

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