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How to choose a cutting plotter and heat transfer machine for HTV?

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HTV is the abbreviation of heat transfer vinyl, it is also called T-shirt transfer vinyl or heat transfer film.The material of HTV is mainly polyurethane, heat transfer ink + hot melt adhesive + release substrate. The heat transfer vinyl is usually made of its own material with standard color blocks, mainly monochrome, and special surface effects, such as glitter, hologram, luminous.There is also anotherHTV,that is called printable HTV.It usually can be used to Full-color design and print on the printable HTV vinyl with weak solvents or solvent inks.

How to recommend and use a cutting plotter?

A very important step in the process of using the heat transfer vinyl is to cut the het transfer vinyl according to our printed design. For different groups of people, we recommend different cutting machines: If you are a beginner or a manual DIY business hobby, we recommend Silhouette Cameo or Cricut cutting machines. These two brand of cutting plotters have simple process, easy to operate,and it has fixed parameter settings. You only need to choose according to the material, and the system has its own designs. The design can also be referenced and used for you. If you are a professional clothing customizer, you usually use large-format heat transfer vinyl and have certain requirements for production efficiency. We would recommend using Graphtec, Summa or Roland plotters. They all have relative operating systems and they have a very good product stability.Also, the brand of these plotters are relatively well-known, you can also find a lot of related materials to learn, and they have a great after-sales service.

heat transfer vinyl for cutting plotter

heat transfer vinyl for cutting plotter

How to choose heat transfer equipment?

1.An iron or a mini ironing machine

HTV can also be used for personal use with a household iron at home.Regarding the use of irons, we do not strongly recommend it, because the uneven pressure of the iron will cause uneven heating of the heat transfer vinyl, so that the part of the printed HTV is easy to fall off.But if your condition is limited, we suggest Cricut EasyPress for manual enthusiasts, it has a certain value for your t-shirt printing.

2.Heat press machine

The pressure and temperature of the heat press machine can meet the needs of the heat transfer vinyl. It is strongly recommended to use a commercial heat press machine, which not only saves time, but also ensures that the temperature, pressure and temperature recommended by the HTV manufacturer when you apply heat transfer vinyl.As well,it makes the design as long-lasting as the clothing. Commercial heat presses can be calibrated according to these requirements and maximize your efficiency. while you will not be able to use amateur heat presses (such as Cricut EasyPress or household irons) to accurately perform any operations. Most of the heat transfer vinyl are produced for professional heat transfer machines. The heat transfer machine can maintain a consistent temperature and uniform pressure. This is currently unattainable by irons, so customized finished products can be better fit the clothing together to achieve the desired effect, and the service life will be increased.

The two devices are the most important in the process of using the heat transfer vinyl. There are other small tools, such as weeding tools, cutting pads, heat transfer film, etc, which will not affect the operation of the heat transfer vinyl. so it is relatively simple.

Vision, as a Chinese heat transfer vinyl factory specializing in the production of heat transfer vinyl, has been working hard to develop a richer variety of heat transfer vinyl.For the convenience of customers, we cooperate with other factories related to our products to provide you with a very comprehensive peripheral supporting products. You can find the most complete series, good prices, and high-quality products here. If you have more questions about heat transfer vinyl, cutting machine or heat transfer machine, you can contact us by phone or email at any time. We will make effort to solve your problem.

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