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Are pigment inks waterproof?

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What is Pigment Printing?

Pigment printing is one of the important components of the textile industry. It refers to the dyeing of clothing and apparel materials. Resistant pigments, pigment dye, solvent dyes, ink pigments, printing ink pigments, and artist pigments are some of the popular pigments. There are 3 main inks used for printing, which are dye ink, sublimation ink and pigment ink.
So in this article,we will introduce pigment ink for you.

What is pigment ink?

Pigment ink is a kind of suspension/dispersion solution or semi-solution by grinding solid pigments into very fine particles and dispersing them in water/or organic solvent with dispersant.

Are pigment inks waterproof?

Yes.Pigment ink has the advantage of waterproof and lightfast, no fading, no ink smudge. Pigment inks are more resistant to water and UV rays than dye inks. Compared with dye ink, the colorant of pigment ink is insoluble in water or pigment, and can be suspended in water with the help of dispersant.Pigment ink is an opaque liquid. So pigment inks are more durable, waterproof, fade-resistant, and last longer. These are some of the biggest advantages of pigment inks.

Can pigment inks be used on fabrics?

Pigment ink can be printed on cotton, linen, polyester, blends, and leather.When you want to print designs onto tshirt.Pigment ink is suitable for printing on heat transfer paper.
However, since the pigment is bonded to the fibers of the fabric with heat, the color is not as brilliant as in dye-sublimated products. Pigment inks can be used for direct-to-garment printing or for printing rolls of fabric that will be later converted into garments or furnishings.
Pretreatment is optional, but it will increase color-fastness and wash-resistance. Post-processing with dry heat and pressure is required.
Pigment inks are colorfast on many different surfaces and are more useful for printing on fabrics.



What is the difference between pigment ink and dye ink?

Dyes and pigments are substances that give color to materials. The main difference between dyes and pigments is particle size. So dyes are not UV, whereas pigments are usually UV stabilized. For the detailed difference between dye ink and pigment ink, please refer to our previous news dye ink vs pigment ink.Hope it would help you.

How to distinguish pigment ink and dye ink?

To distinguish whether black ink is pigment ink or dye ink, you can simply test with the following methods:
1. Print the document on plain paper to see if there is paper bleeding;
2. Check whether the printed text has burrs and blurring;
3. Use water droplets on the text to see if the text will spread;
4. Expose to the sun and see if the color starts to fade after three days.
Generally speaking, the black ink used by most consumer printers is pigment ink, which is waterproof and can be stored for a long time. Color ink uses dye ink, which is more economical to print photos.
Therefore, why the design transferred on the clothing will fade after a period of time, it is mainly on the ink.

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