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What is the difference between DTF Print and T-shirt Heat Transfer Printing other customization methods


It can be said that the T-shirt heat transfer printing scheme has been very mature in the Chinese market, but a new T-shirt heat transfer printing process is still released every 2-3 years. Following the popular direct-injection T shirt customization heat transfer printing in the past few years, up to now The hottest DTF print powder heat transfer process (no stroke heat transfer), these endless customized processing methods, faster operation time, better finished product effect, and a wider range of applications provide more customized processing of clothing peripheral products possibility.

what are the specific differences between DTF print?

Compared with other T-shirt customization methods, what are the specific differences between DTF print?
At present, there are mainly the following ways to customize T shirt customization in small batches on the market:

1.Dye sublimation transfer paper

The application range of dye sublimation transfer paper is very wide, the main principle is that the dye sublimation transfer paper is to use an inkjet printer equipped with dye sublimation transfer ink to mirror images of portraits, landscapes, texts, etc. It is printed on inkjet paper for thermal sublimation transfer, and then heated to about 200℃ by thermal transfer equipment, so that sublimation transfer ink on the thermal sublimation paper penetrates into the substrate, It is a new process that the color image on the paper is vividly transferred onto textiles, porcelain cups, porcelain plates, porcelain plates, metals and other materials. But in the field of T shirt customization , the current mature sublimation process can only solve polyester and fabrics with very low cotton content.



2.Heat Transfer Paper

Heat transfer paper is currently the most important method in small batches of pure cotton T shirt customization. The principle is to use the temperature and pressure of the heat transfer machine to transfer the image on the heat transfer paper to the substrate. It is heat transfer paper; the transfer printing paper is controlled by a certain time, temperature and pressure, and the picture is transferred on the cloth; In terms of cost, heat transfer paper has relatively low requirements for printing equipment and transfer equipment,and it is more suitable for personal enthusiasts or small batch customization. In terms of operation, transfer makes the process simple and very easy to use; but heat transfer paper application carrier can only be T shirt customization containing more than 80% cotton And in the process of use, after printing, it is necessary to exclude the unnecessary transfer part, which cannot meet the requirements for finer transfer images.

heat transfer paper on hoodies-0531

heat transfer paper

3.Heat transfer vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is widely used in jersey printing and printing numbers, personalized T-shirts, logo customization, clothing; engraving film refers to the thermal transfer film that needs to be engraved/cut during the thermal transfer process. Under the combined action of pressure, it is a special function printing vinyl that is separated from the carrier vinyl together with the release layer, and is firmly transferred to the surface of the substrate. The color of the lettering vinyl is relatively single, which is more suitable for printing of a single color. Multiple colors need to be spliced, which requires relatively high time and operation.

Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

4. Digital direct-injection T-shirt printing

(DTG) is a new printing process that uses the micro piezoelectric print head of the inkjet printer to spray special textile ink on the surface of the fabric, and penetrates into the fiber to solidify it into the fiber to make it a colored . It is convenient and fast, and can show Richer colors and more details, the hand feel is also very good; but direct-injection printers have higher requirements for machinery and equipment, and relatively high machine costs; and before printing, T shirt customizations must be processed; especially When applied to dark materials, white ink printing is one step more than light colors, and the operation requirements are higher;
Next, let’s introduce the DTF print transfer heat transfer in detail;
The DTF Print heat transfer process is currently the more mainstream printing process used on T-shirts customization, clothes, pants and bags made of pure cotton, canvas, and polyester. The process is very simple and easy to use; it has a wide range of applications and can be applied to a variety of materials. Including cotton, nylon, finished leather, polyester, blends, etc., and the color does not require light and dark colors; no plate making, DTF film printing is not limited by the pattern, no matter how complicated the pattern is, it can be printed. Realize one piece of work; the DTF ink has a high degree of color reproduction, and the color is very bright; the cost-effective hand feel is good, and it has high stretchability and softness.

The process of DTF printing heat transfer:

Step1 :Print the image onto DTF film
Step2: Apply powder, while the printing film is still wet, apply the powder evenly to ensure its adhesion, and carefully shake off the excess powder
Step3:Melt the powder and heat the film of the powder using a heat transfer machine
Step4:Transfer, transfer the processed printing film to the clothes with a heat transfer machine
Step5:Hot peel, after the transfer is finished, immediately peel off the transfer film from the clothes
DTF print is very cost-effective, and consumables are relatively cheap, so it does not require a lot of investment, so it is more favored by small and medium-sized customized clothing. Shanghai Vision provides you with a complete DTF print transfer solution, including: printer machine, ink, hot melt powder, printing film, automatic powder spraying machine; for its huge upward potential and cost-effectiveness, you can definitely give it a try.
DTF T-Shirt Printing Technology

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