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How to choose inkjet transfer paper for T-shirt from different aspects?

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    At present, there is a popular way,that is to complete the T-shirt customization by heat transfer paper method.Because this method does not need to open a template, one piece can be done.
In this article,we will tell you how to choose inkjet transfer paper from the four points as follows:

1.Choose inkjet transfer paper from printer types

    In terms of printer types, there are two printing types of inkjet printers and laser printers.It depends on machine that user who has gotten or will buy.And both of the two printing types have the ability to produce high-quality, professionally customized clothing.
    In general, inkjet printers can print a variety of colors, which is very suitable for high-quality photos with rich colors. Laser printers are more difficult to use for photos.But the speed of laser printing is relatively fast. On the other hand,compared with inkjet printers, the cost of laser printers is higher. Inkjet printing can be said to be one of the lower start-up cost options in the clothing T-shirt customization industry.

2.Choose inkjet transfer paper from the color of T-shirts transferring

    From the color of T-shirts transferring,we can divide into inkjet dark heat transfer paper and inkjet light heat transfer paper. Inkjet light heat transfer paper is mainly used on light color or white color with a cotton content of more than 65%.(natural colors, light gray, light pink, etc). Inkjet light heat transfer paper coating contains a transparent polymer. This transparent material is placed on any color, and the color of the fabric itself will translucent.So you must choose a light color,or you can deepen the color of the picture.
    Inkjet dark heat transfer paper is mainly applied on dark (red, green, blue, etc. or black) cotton fabrics with a cotton content of more than 65%.The coating of inkjet dark transfer paper contains a white opaque polymer coating,Because any unprinted area will have a layer of white.So be sure to remove the unnecessary parts before you transfer.Of course, inkjet dark heat transfer paper can also be used for light-colored fabrics.But the cost of its production is much higher than that of light-colored inkjet transfer paper.
From the perspective of cost saving, we suggest that the two type of heat transfer paper should be used separately.

3.Choose inkjet transfer paper from the transfer equipment

inkjet transfer paper and inkjet iron on transfer paper

inkjet transfer paper and inkjet iron on transfer paper

  From the perspective of transfer equipment, we are divided into inkjet iron on transfer paper and inkjet transfer paper.As we know,heat transfer paper is widely used in the market.On the one hand, it is because it can bring profits to the enterprise producers who process and customize T shirts at the minimum cost;On the other hand, it can meet the customization of personal clothes in the family, DIY a favorite picture of oneself, as a holiday gift.In order to consider the equipment of different groups of people, the iron on transfer paper can be used to complete the heat transfer process with a household iron.So it is easy and convenient to use.But because of temperature and pressure limitations, this requires your more patience.

    Inkjet transfer paper is relatively more aimed at professional people,they have professional heat transfer equipment and need for small batch production.It only needs 20 seconds to transfer.As a result,it improves work efficiency greatly, and it is easy to achieve the best transfer effect.

4.Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper does not automatically weed during application

    From the point of view of eliminating the extra parts that do not need to be transferred.At present, the inkjet heat transfer paper does not automatically weed during application.Therefore, you need to cut off the extra space outside the image before the image is transferred to the clothes,especially the dark color.Otherwise, a white part will appear on the transfer product.There are two ways to exclude extra parts.One is to use scissors, the other is to use a professional cutting plotter.The requirements for inkjet transfer paper are relatively high. It is necessary to ensure that no powder drop occurs during the cutting process, the coating is not damaged, and it is easy to weed.
    In addition to the above selection points, in order to meet more abundant needs, we have developed more different effects on the basis of the original inkjet transfer paper, such as inkjet subli-light transfer paper.It is an inkjet transfer paper that can be used with sublimation ink without weeding. And after transfer, you can get the desired picture without any edges.
    When you use inkjet luminous dark transfer paper, be sure to put it in the sun for 20 minutes after transfer. In a dark environment, the transferred part will emit blue or green light. It is very suitable for festive atmosphere.

Luminous dark transfer paper

Luminous dark transfer paper

    Our Inkjet glitter transfer paper has a unique feature is that you can see many small flash particles on the surface after the transfer,which makes the transferred T shirt sparkle.So it is very novel and creative.
    Vision is a company that has been engaged in the research and development of thermal transfer paper for more than ten years.We have our own production R&D and sales team. At the same time,We continuously improve the performance of thermal transfer paper and expand the scope of heat transfer paper application according to market needs.
    If you want to know more about our inkjet transfer paper, please contact us for more product information, or you can follow our youtube.

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