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What is pigment ink used for?

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As people’s pursuit of the fashion industry is getting higher and higher, the global textile dtf printing products are increasing at a rate of 20% every year, so the research on textile digital printing is becoming more and more important.
A difficult factor in effective digital printing on textiles is the wide variety of textile substrates, from natural (such as cotton, wool or silk) to synthetic materials (such as polyester and blended fabrics). All of these fabric types require different types of inks, and additionally different requirements for pre- and post-processing and process engineering.

Uses of Pigment Inks

1. Pigment inks can be used as dyes. The function of the dye is to give the ink sufficient color depth. The dyes used in the ballpoint pen ink can be divided into oil-soluble dyes and alcohol-soluble dyes.Pigment ink is insoluble in solvents and has good dispersion in the ink. It has strong adhesion to the film-forming agent, so pigment ink does not penetrate into the inside of the paper, and the color is bright and has good weather-resistant.
2. Pigment ink can be made into film former. The film-forming agent is an important part of the ink for erasable ballpoint pen, and its main function is to form a film evenly on the surface of the paper and serve as a carrier for dyes. It is required to have a certain adhesion to the paper, and it is not easy to peel off, but it can be gently wiped off with an eraser. It has strong adhesion to colorants, has good solubility in solvents, and is mutually stable with other components, and can be stored for a long time.

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pigment ink

The advantages of pigment ink

Pigment ink has extremely excellent light/weather resistance if used with pigment ink jet made from advanced pigments,such as: Pigment Yellow 150/151/180, Pigment Magenta 122/186, Violet 19, Blue 16, 16:3, Black 7. Its light resistance can reach 7-8 grades, and its weather resistance can reach 3000 hours (tested on an accelerated weather resistance instrument).

Application of Pigment Ink in Textile Industry

Water-based pigment inks use insoluble pigments to color textiles,instead of soluble dyes, Compared to dyes, these pigments have no real affinity for special fibers, which makes them suitable for both the topmost coloration of various fibers and blended fabrics.
As suitable for printing on a variety of textile substrates, pigment inks can provide a wide range of applications including home textiles, soft signage, banners, fashion (mainly T-shirts) or professional products, etc., all can be printed with pigment inks. Pigment inks are also particularly useful where high lightfastness is required. And, compared with reactive printing, the whole process of pigment printing is very fast and simple.

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textile pigment ink

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