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How to use inkjet transfer paper

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Thermal transfer is a very mature printing technology.Heat transfer paper is a very popular printing paper for its widely application.Since each family or business operator has different printers, thermal transfer paper is divided into inkjet transfer paper and laser transfer paper.
Regarding the difference between inkjet transfer paper and laser transfer paper, we have already introduced it in the previous article?Laser transfer paper VS Inkjet transfer – paper?.In this article,we will introduce the inkjet transfer paper for you.

What is inkjet transfer paper?

Inkjet transfer paper is a craft paper which is used to transfer images from print to fabric. You need choose an inkjet printer.VISION inkjet transfer paper is compatible with all inkjet printer.So if you have an inkjet printer,you can choose our products with confidence.

light fabric transfer paper

light fabric transfer paper

What kind of inkjet transfer paper does VISION have?

Our inkjet transfer paper is divided into dark fabric transfer paper and light fabric transfer paper.Our dark fabric transfer paper is designed for use on all dark or black fabrics that are 100% cotton or cotton/poly blend. Light fabric transfer paper is designed for use on all white or light fabrics that are 100% cotton or cotton/poly blend. Beside,we also developed iron on transfer paper for customers who like DIY at home.We wholesale A3,A3+ and A4 sizes inkjet transfer paper for light coloured or dark coloured fabric. The size you choose will depend on your printer and the size of the image you want to transfer. 

How to use inkjet transfer paper?

The process of inkjet light transfer paper and inkjet dark transfer paper are different.After you wholesale transfer paper from VISION factory,you are not very clear about the use of our transfer paper,you can view the process from our product page depending on the type of transfer paper you purchased.

dark fabric transfer paper-0419

dark fabric transfer paper

Where to wholesale heat transfer paper for inkjet printers?

There are many heat transfer paper manufacturers all over the world, the quality of the transfer paper produced varies.Want to choose a transfer paper factory with reliable quality and good reputation.You should choose the factory that suits you from many aspects.VISION is a great factory from China.We have produced digital printing consumbles for more than years.We have strict production process and production management system.Become one of our distributors wordwide,you will get free samples and factory price.Welcome your inquiry at any time.