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Vision EasyWeed Fluorescent heat transfer vinyl

fluorescent HTV

PU heat transfer vinyl by VISION factory is divided into conventional colors and fluorescent colors according to color. What is fluorescent color? Many people see that the color of the heat transfer vinyl is very similar, and can’t tell which color it belongs to. Fluorescent heat transfer vinyl is fluorescent color. The color of fluorescent HTV is bright and dazzling, and it is widely used in the fashion industry and daily life.

The features of fluorescent heat transfer vinyl

Fluorescent colors can also display bright colors under normal light.This color is easily recognizable in the crowd. It has a soft feel, can be stretched, has high coverage, and has a semi-glossy surface; Fluorescent HTV will not be deformed, degummed, or faded by high temperature hot stamping.It is suitable for designing larger-area numbers, letters and patterns, and is easy to cut and weed.

Application of fluorescent heat transfer vinyl
fluorescent heat transfer vinyl

fluorescent heat transfer vinyl

Fluorescent HTV vinyl is mainly used in the patterns of fashionable clothing.
It can be applied to various textile fabrics that are resistant to high temperature such as clothing, bags, shoes, etc.;
Sports clothing and personalized clothing are also widely used; for example: pure cotton clothing, personalized T Shirts, advertising shirts, aprons, hats, travel bags, factory and school numbers and logos, etc.;
It is also widely used in transportation, such as traffic police clothing, cleaner’s garments, etc.

The colors of VISION Fluorescent heat transfer vinyl
fluorescent htv vinyl

fluorescent htv vinyl

5 colors are available for customers to choose by VISION heat transfer vinyl factory.You can view the product page for more details.Besides,we wholesale other types of heat transfer vinyl,such as flock heat transfer vinyl,puff heat transfer vinyl,glitter heat transfer vinyl,pattern heat transfer vinyl,rainbow glitter heat transfer vinyl, soft metallic heat transfer vinyl, chameleon heat transfer vinyl.
All in all,we can provide you with one-stop service for T-shirt printing.If you would like to purchase our products,we may send you free sample to test.