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Why does the heat transfer vinyl foam?

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The heat transfer vinyl is very simple and convenient to use, you only need a computer to design the pattern, and then use a cutting machine to cut it out. Remove the excess part of the pattern.You can use cricut or Silhouette Cameo brand,which is popular in the market. If you are a great designer and want to DIY at home, you can use scissors to cut out a very personalized pattern for your fabric, and then use a heat press machine or an iron to transfer it to the garment.
Many times, due to the reasons of improper personal operation or fabric, we find that the beautiful pattern suddenly foamed during heat transfer. What should we do? First,we find out the reason for the foaming of the iron on vinyl, and then solve it. Generally speaking,the heat transfer vinyl foams for the following 3 reasons:

Why does the heat transfer vinyl foam?

1.The temperature of the transfer is too high, which directly destroys the release film and the thermal transfer material.
2.The fabric is wet. When transferring, the water vapor evaporates and remains between the fabric and the pattern. After cooling, it foams.
3. The fabric is not breathable. There is still air in it when transferring, and after cooling, the pattern foams.

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How to solve the foaming of heat transfer vinyl?

1.Adjust to the correct the transfer temperature according to the transfer parameters provided by the heat transfer vinyl factory; If you are using an electric iron, adjust the gear and temperature of the iron according to your fabric.
2.Before transfer, press the fabric first, in order to evaporates moisture from fabrics,and then transfer the pattern onto the fabric.
3. If the fabric has poor air permeability, you can use an electric iron to locate it first, and then use a heat press machine to transfer the pattern.The above is about the causes and solutions of t shirt vinyl foaming.Therefore, we should check our materials and adjust the equipment before transferring.

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