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How to make custom hats using sublimation paper?

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Many of us have experienced those bad hair days. So, what should we do? It’s a good idea to wear a unique hat and walk out the door. Now, just imagine how many other people do the same like us.
Knowing this, let’s imagine the you are running a successful hat business you’ve built from the ground up all in the comfort of your own home. You can be your own boss and make more money than your daily work.
Hats will never go out of style and we want to help you start your business idea you’ve been thinking about.
A great way to start creating custom hats at home is by investing only in a specific heat press,sublimation transfer paper and some unique designs in your computer. Also,you must have some hats.
We’ll cover any issues you might encounter during this process. Once you master this process, you can make custom hats right away!

What is white toner transfer printing?

White toner transfer printing uses white toner along with other colors to print full color graphics and images to light and dark colored materials. The white toner is what allows you to print on dark colored items.
Since liquid ink is not involved, this system prints designs within seconds without the need for daily maintenance. Plus, these systems are the size of a desktop printer and can fit anywhere in your home or office space.

What kind of materials should I print on with sublimation paper?

You’d better purchase the kind of high quality polyester, material with cotton content (≤30%) to customize fitted caps, beanies, trucker hats, visors, and even head bands of any color and material!
Once you choose a hat style, your next step is choosing a graphic, whether it’s a custom-made design or downloaded online,you can use any full color graphic, logo, or picture.
Here are some inspirational design ideas for reference:
Sports teams、Business Logos、Funny Phrases、Events、Holidays.

What are the steps to print on a hat using heat press?
  1. Choose your art (Picture, text, graphic, logo, etc)
  2. Print your graphic using vision sublimation printing Paper
  3. Cut the extra part with a scissor.
  4. Use a second sheet to apply the polymer to your transfer with a heat press machine
  5. Position your hat and graphic under a heat press
  6. Heat press for about 30 secs (may vary depending on hat materials)
  7. Cover your hat with a flexible finishing sheet and give a final press for 30 seconds
  8. After the pressing process finished,peel the sublimation paper

All in all, this 5–10-minute method is faster than embroidering and heat transfer vinyl, without the need to weed or cut every color of vinyl. It makes the hats a clean finished appearance and ultimately does not feel like a finished product.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact  VISION sublimation paper factory.
Whatsapp: +86-18001836806

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