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Vision group construction activity 2021

vision activity2021

We organized a team building activity on November 13, 2021 (last Saturday), which is located in Suzhou Garden Expo,a large public park with good water ecosystem. In order to make new employees more familiar with the company and understand vision corporate culture, enhance communication between departments and increase cooperation between colleagues. At the same time, the purpose of the activity is to enrich the work and life of employees and relax ourselves.

In the morning,We took the bus to Suzhou Garden Expo under the guidance of the seven coaches,a professional team building company.It was they who took us to play games today.

After more than one and a half hours, we arrived at the destination,then everyone got off and went straight into the park to a big lawn.So our team building activities officially started on the lawn.The humorous coach led us to play four different interesting games.were were full of happiness and joy instead of fatigue.After lunch,We continued to play another game, named assassination novelists,we were divided into four groups to accomplish the task. we need observe and judge every coach about their words and actions carefully,so that we can judge the real novelist whom we must assassinate.

group construction activity2021_2

group construction activity2021_2

Whatever the outcome of the game,it was a great experience for all of us and we enjoyed ourselves a whole day.

In this entire outdoor team building activity, we forgot our age and our position. In order to achieve the rules of the game, we would cooperate with each other. Everyone devoted themselves to the activity. Together, we overcame one difficulty after another in a short day and strengthened our Mutual understanding. This is very beneficial for us to establish a team spirit and overall awareness of mutual cooperation and mutual support in our future work, and to increase mutual communication and information exchange. At the same time, I also understand that only continue to summarize,judge and never give up can we get success. Failure is not terrible. The terrible thing is not to encourage each other but to complain to each other.

group construction activity2021_3

group construction activity2021_3

Through this team building activity, I deeply realized that only everyone in the company works together,coordinate and cooperate in the departments, and integrating everything into the team, showing the spirit of the team, and gathering the strength of the team, can we always remain invincible in the fierce market competition.

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