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How to Sublimate a Mug using vision sublimation paper?

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If you’re new in sublimating a coffee mug, I’m going to be sharing with you exactly how to sublimate a mug using vision sublimation paper just like these.

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of sublimation paper for many years,Vision will give you some tips on how to make a mug with sublimation paper.let’s go ahead and get on into this article and I’ll show you exactly how I made those mugs:

How to sublimate mugs

To start printing on mugs, you need:
Sublimation printer
One in A4 format will be more than enough, given the fact that its printing area is relatively small and you will amply cover it with that size.
Sublimation ink
These are special inks that turn into gas after reacting with temperature, and get integrated into the polyester polymer. It seems complicated, but you’ll see it’s not.
Sublimation paper
It holds the ink and will let it out to the mug when applying heat.
Heat resistant tape
Used to fix the printed paper against the mug. It resists heat press temperature without burning.
Mug heat press
There are different types and different versions. You can start with a basic press for a single mug, with interchangeable mug heaters.

How to print your design onto mugs

you need a special sublimated on a mug made for sublimation. It’s got a special coating on it.

sublimation paper for mugs-print

sublimation paper for mugs-print’re going to need your design.When you print it,make sure it is mirrored.
You’re going to need butcher paper because sublimation the ink will release to whatever surface is touching your cup, so you need this paper over your design to keep it safe and to keep your press from getting ink all over it.

2.You’re going to need heat tape, this is important.And then you’ll just need something to wipe your cup off.Anything on your cup or it will die into your tumbler or your mug. So definitely give that a good wipe down before you put your design on it. I’m going to start off by cleaning my mug.Put a paint tube behind the handle and it keeps your mug straight for you.So you can apply your design in a straight way.

sublimation paper for mugs-put

sublimation paper for mugs-put

3.Then you’re going to want to take your design and put it face down on your mug just make sure you don’t have it upside down.Once you’ve got your design where you want it you’re gonna take your tape and just put it over your design on the sides.

sublimation paper for mugs-transfer

sublimation paper for mugs-transfer

4.You put your heat press for 150 seconds at 400℃.(between 385℃ and 400℃). It comes with this mug attachment and it comes with different plates and you can change the plates out for the different size cups,tumblers and mugs.I’m using the one that came in the mug attachment. if you have this press and you’re curious on how to attach this, it’s really simple.
When your press the cup it’s going to have this connected, all you have to do is unscrew this little thing right here,unplug it and put the cap back on, this will turn the heating element off of the platen,then you’re gonna plug the little tube that comes onto that into the side of your star craft press.You plug it in just like you unplug the other one and now the heat is going straight to the press.
Just to keep it down this just helps hold it in place,now it is already to put into your press.’re gonna take it out of your mug or out of your press,and use heat gloves or heat something to protect your hands.

sublimation paper for mugs-finish

sublimation paper for mugs-finish

Okay. Guys, here is how it turned out look at those bright beautiful colors. It turned out so cute.But honestly there’s not much to creating mugs with sublimation as long as you have your printer settings set up right.
Your computer settings set up good and you have it pressed at the correct temperature.Making a mug will become very simple using sublimation paper.
Of course,sublimation paper is not only applied on mugs,but also can be used on ceramic,glass,nylon,metal,wood,tiles,wear,banners,bags,stones,fashion,decor,T-shirt,Trade Show Exhibits,phone cases,plates,etc
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