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6 things you must know before buying heat transfer paper

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When you buy clothes in a clothes shop, you will see a variety of clothes with very individual patterns that are very eye-catching.In fact, these are the secrets of thermal transfer technology.You only need a kind of heat transfer paper to achieve personalized pattern clothing.If you are new to the digital printing industry,you must be wondering:what is heat transfer paper?

What is heat transfer paper?

Heat transfer paper is a special kind of paper on which use special thermal transfer ink to print various patterns, and then transfer the patterns to the substrate through a certain temperature and pressure. This special paper in the thermal transfer process is called heat transfer paper. Transfer printing refers to the printing process in which dyes are transferred to fabrics via transfer paper. According to the sublimation characteristics of some disperse dyes, which are selected to sublimate at 150~230°C, mixed with the slurry to make “color ink”, and then the “color ink” is printed to transfer paper according to different design requirements. The transfer paper printed with patterns adds to fabric.Finally,it transfers into the fabric under a certain temperature, pressure and time, so as to achieve the purpose of coloring.

How does heat transfer paper works?

Transfer the image on the transfer paper to the substrate under a certain time, temperature and pressure of the heat press, and the image is printed on the cloth .

  1. Process your artwork by computer
  2. Use printer and thermal transfer paper to print your artwork
  3. Transfer the artwork via heat transfer machine

Vision heat transfer paper is mainly divided into inkjet heat transfer and laser heat transfer according to printers.

What is the difference between inkjet heat transfer paper and laser heat transfer paper?

According to different principles, inkjet heat transfer paper is printed with inkjet printers. However, laser heat transfer paper is printed with laser printers.
In comparison,the printing cost of inkjet transfer paper is lower than that of laser transfer paper.The inkjet printer has good effect and bright color. But the printing speed of a laser printer is several times faster than that of an inkjet printer, and the clarity of the printed pattern is also better.Of course, the cost of laser printing is higher than inkjet printing.
So most of the heat transfer partners choose inkjet heat transfer.
And with the continuous maturity of inkjet printer technology, the resolution of color inkjet printers fully satisfy our thermal transfer industry.
If you has had a inkjet printer at home,pls don’t worry,vision inkjet heat transfer paper is suitable for all inkjet printers.If you has owned a HP laser color printer at home,you should choose vision laser heat transfer paper.
Vision is a leading manufacturer that provides one-stop digital printing solutions for global customers.For more related issues, please feel free to contact us.

How to identify the quality of Heat Transfer Paper?

As a heat transfer paper manufacturer, Vision will tell you how to identify the quality of heat transfer paper when you decide to purchase plenty of heat transfer paper.

  1. Basic quality of paper
    A good thermal transfer paper has high density, high whiteness, good uniformity, and smooth surface.
  2. The printing surface of the paper
    Whether the paper coating is uniform or not, Whether there is any omission, black spots, and the color are consistent or not, etc.
  3. The printing effect of the paper
    You can see the color reproduction, saturation, and fidelity of the paper by printing the color contrast bar. In addition, the ink absorption performance and drying time of the paper can also be reflected the quality of the paper.
  4. The transfer effect of paper
    You can see the degree of reduction, residue, and transfer uniformity of the paper by transferring pictures to the fabric.
  5. Whether the transfer paper can be flattened after printing can also tell the quality of the transfer paper.

What does the heat transfer paper apply for?

The best heat transfer paper can be used on light and dark color fabric, and some products can even be used on many materials:

  1. clothing decoration cloth, curtain cloth, sofa cloth, umbrella cloth, handbag, carpet cloth, toy cloth, etc.
  2. Heat-resistant plastic materials or surface thermal transfer decoration of plastic materials processed by spraying, baking varnishing, electrophoresis, etc.
  3. Metal decorative panels, anti-theft doors, metal molded doors, aluminum profiles, metal ceilings, curtain rails, metal pipes, handicrafts, hardware furniture and other metal surface heat transfer decorations after spraying, baking paint, electrophoresis and other treatments.
  4. The front and back of various natural leathers.
  5. PU or PVC surface, such as PU or PVC coated fabric.


Where to buy high quality heat transfer paper?

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