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How to use sublimation paper on tumbler?

sublimation tumbler

It is a very popular thing to make tumblers using sublimation paper. With the gradual formation of trend groups that love innovation and seek individuality in the society, handmade DIY has gradually developed into an important area for merchants to make money in the market. And the DIY products in the tumbler stores are more because of its various shapes and rich choices.
Some housewives also like to DIY at home.Whether giving your family or friends the personalised pattern your did, they make great handmade gifts.Once you like DIY, maybe it can create wealth for you.
Today, VISION sublimation paper factory will share with you how to apply sublimation printing paper on tumbler.I hope it will help you when you are making a personalized tumbler.

What materials are needed to make this project are

Tumbler baking machine
Dye Sublimation Ink Printer
Sublimation Ceramic tumbler
High temperature tape

sublimation paper on tumbler

sublimation paper on tumbler

How to apply sublimation paper on tumbler?

First, print the desired pattern with the dye sublimation ink printer
Second, peel the excess part of the printed pattern and stick it to the cup with high temperature tape.
Again, place the tumbler firmly on the tumbler baking machine. Set the time and temperature.
When baking is complete, carefully remove the sublimation transfer paper.
A perfect diy tumbler is made!
It is simple to make a unique tumbler with sublimation paper.

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