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How to transfer designs onto pillowcase with sublimation paper?

sublimation paper on pillow

Customize these cute square pillow covers with your own designs using sublimation paper, heat transfer vinyl or screen printed transfers.
Pillowcases can be seen on the soft bed or the sunny bay window in most family. Although the pillow is only a small accessory in the home space, it can easily become the focus of vision and become the finishing touch of the whole space. Nowadays, the market demand for pillows and headrests is increasing, and it is difficult to achieve personalized production with traditional printing.
Personality & customization has become the popular label in the fashion era, and the pursuit of personalized customized products has become the mainstream trend. The rapid development of digital printing consumbles is undoubtedly an emerging force in the printing and dyeing industry.It meets people’s personalized needs for home textile products such as pillows, curtains, and sheets, and is favored by the market.
The thermal transfer inkjet technology has added a bright color to the pillow market, and the personalized design and colorful patterns meet the new needs of consumers for personalized pillows.
Sublimation transfer technology has prominent applications in many fields, such as clothing, home improvement, home textiles, cups,tumbler,mugs,etc.

sublimation pillowcase

sublimation pillowcase

What consumables are needed for pillow sublimation printing?

Pillowcase blank:
Fabric (100% polyester, cotton or rayon blends are most popular); pretreated white fabrics are best for dye sublimation paper printing as it speeds up the printing process.
Sublimation printer:
A sublimation printer is a device that can print high-quality images on a variety of substrates.
Sublimation ink and sublimation paper:
If you’re looking for a trusted sublimation paper factory and ink manufacture,VISION is your best choice for your project. It prints beautiful and vivid images directly from your home computer.
Heat Press:
A heat press is a machine that uses heat and pressure to hold fabrics together.

The transfer process of dye Sublimation Pillowcase

1.Design your image
You will need an image of the size of the pillowcase you want. Make sure your printer settings are set to Photo/Image quality.<
2.Print the image
Set the printing mode to mirror printing.Make sure blank side is the printing side.After printing the design onto the sublimation paper.
Transfer your image by heat press machine.Transfer the polyester fabric on medium pressure heat for 25-30 seconds  time:200~210℃
Make sure the surface of the pillowase is clean before you start.
4.Remove the sublimaiton paper
The pattern of the pillowcase is printed.

Where to buy sublimation paper near me?
sublimation printing paper factory

sublimation printing paper factory

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