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How to choose T-shirt transfer paper for inkjet printer?

Inkjet T-shirt transfer paper

Inkjet T-shirt transfer paper can output the pattern to be hot stamped with an inkjet printer, and then print it on the T-shirt. According to the color of the fabrics, inkjet transfer paper mainly divided into Inkjet Light Heat Transfer Paper and Inkjet Dark Heat Transfer Paper. Light-colored transfer paper is suitable for printing light-colored clothes such as white; dark-colored transfer paper is suitable for printing dark clothes such as black.

Inkjet transfer paper for dark fabric VS Inkjet transfer paper for light fabric

Application of Inkjet transfer paper for dark fabric

Inkjet t-shirt dark transfer paper is a type of heat transfer paper, mainly for printing dark clothes, because dark clothes are too dark and have a strong ability to cover other colors, so Inkjet dark t-shirt transfer paper is needed!

Inkjet transfer paper for dark fabric

Inkjet transfer paper for dark fabric

What are the features of inkjet dark t-shirt transfer paper?
Features: strong adhesion, no wrinkle, elasticity, no heavy feeling, if the conditions are limited, it can be printed with ordinary ink. Save on consumables! Suitable for transfer printing: personalized transfer printing of dark T-shirts, backpacks, hats, jeans (trousers), clothing (100% cotton, 50% cotton, chemical fiber, linen, wool, synthetic fiber).

Application of Inkjet light t-shirt transfer paper

Inkjet transfer paper for light fabric is suitable for printing patterns on light-colored clothing. The pattern transferred through this transfer paper has a high degree of color reproduction, no wrinkle, elasticity, tearing and cracking, excellent hand feeling, and no heavy feeling. It is the best choice for transferring T-shirts and printing personalized cultural shirts! It is best to transfer on light-colored 100% cotton fabrics, including t-shirts, hats, etc. 100% washable, no shedding, no fading.
So if you have an inkjet printer at home,you can choose the T-shirt transfer paper according to your fabric color.

Inkjet transfer paper for light fabric

Inkjet transfer paper for light fabric

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