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DTF Film Sheets and Rolls Supplied by DTF Printing Factory

DTF Transfer Film

DTF film, suitable for digital transfer printing. The pattern after ironing has the same texture as PU glue, and the hand feel is softer than the glue (30~50% softer than the pattern printed on the oil-based coating film).

The key technology of DTF film is ink-absorbing release coating (3-in-1 function), which can complete the three major requirements of ink absorption, release and static elimination in one process, and greatly improves the stability of product quality,once you choose the product from VISION DTF film factory, it can save you a lot of trouble later.

Why choose VISION DTF film?

4 major advantages:

1. The pattern after ironing has a texture like PU glue, with strong stretch resilience and no deformation, and the hand feel is softer than the glue (30~50% softer than the pattern printed on the oil-based coating film).
2. Adapt to the vast majority of inks on the market, 100% ink volume can be used at will, no ink accumulation and no ink flow.
3. The surface of the DTF transfer film is dry and can be sprinkled with 200 mesh ultra-fine powder without sticking powder, which can be easily hot, warm and cold torn.
4. Exclusively owns the core key technologies at the forefront of the industry, and has more advantages in controlling quality and stability, and uses the power of technological innovation to lead the development of the industry to a new direction.

How to use VISION DTF film?

1. The surface with ink-absorbing coating is the printing surface;
2. Handle with care, pay attention to the scratch-resistant ink-absorbing coating;
3. Heat for 40~90 seconds after printing (adjust the appropriate temperature according to the performance of the hot melt powder);
4. Warm tearing or cold tearing;
5. Store in a dry place and pay attention to moisture.

VISION DTF film-use

How to use VISION DTF film

1. If the heating temperature is too high or the heating time is too long after the hot melt powder is sprinkled after printing, there may be reverse white spots on the surface of the pattern. This is due to the slow drying agent in the ink after the hot melt powder is formed into a dtf film. It cannot be volatilized. After the gas is cooled, fog crystals are formed on the surface of the pattern. This anti-white phenomenon will gradually disappear after a few days of storage and contact with the air, and will not affect the aesthetics of the pattern in the later stage.
2.The transfer pressing temperature is 140-160 degrees, within 6-10 seconds, according to different meshes of hot-melt powder, and the temperature zone of the fabric is properly adjusted to the most suitable temperature zone, which can easily achieve hot tearing.

What sizes and package do we supply?

DTF FILM Specifications:

DTF Film Rolls:
0.6 meters x 100 meters x 1 roll = 60 square meters / box
0.3 meters x 100 meters x 2 rolls = 60 square meters / box
DTF Film Sheets:
A4(210*297MM)=2000 sheets / box
A3(297*420MM)=1000 sheets / box
DTF Film thickness: about 80 microns
Storage: Store in a cool place



Environmental protection: in line with EU textile environmental protection standards.
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