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What is the best brand of printable heat transfer vinyl?

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

It’s known to all, VISION Easyweed Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl is a clear industry favorite. It is a CPSIA-certified product that is completely safe for use on clothing and accessories. And, as the name implies, it is easy to work with and durable for designs that last a long time. VISION products are well-known for quality.

Why choose VISION printable heat transfer vinyl?

VISION Easyweed Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl is a soft and stretchable polyurethane based film specially developed for printing with eco-solvent printers such as Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh etc.This printable heat transfer vinyl is suitable for dark fabrics and light fabrics.

Datas reference:

Regular size: 61cm*50m

Ink: Eco-solvent ink

Color: White

Machine: Roland Printing&Cutting Printer

About how to use printable heat transfer vinyl, a tshirt heat press or an iron are available. You can refer to the product details or follow our youtube VIDEO. If you still have any problem,please let us know.

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl-simple steps

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl-simple steps

How many washes does Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl last?

Around 50 washes, with proper care of your garment (wash inside out on a cool wash, dry inside out on a washing line and iron inside out – no tumble drying or dry cleaning) the heat transfer vinyl manufacturer recommends around 50 washes for the vinyl heat transfers, which do eventually crack and fade.

Is printable vinyl better than heat transfer paper?

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl is also much more durable than other types of heat transfers, and the designs made with it will often outlive the lifespan of the shirt itself if applied correctly. The designs are also unlikely to chip, peel, fade, or crack over time if taken care of correctly.

VISION wholesales the best Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl for Inkjet printers.If you have any questions about printable HTV vinyl, you can consult us at any time.Become our agent, get factory price and free sample to test.

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