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What is the best heat transfer vinyl for t-shirts?

heat transfer vinyl for t-shirts

If you are looking for the best heat transfer vinyl for your cutting plotter, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re making custom t-shirts for friends and family, or for a client, you want the design to stay on the t-shirt! The last thing you want is heat transfer vinyl peeling and falling off.

There is a saying that what types of digital printing on fabric suits you is the best. One of the main products of the VISION digital printing factory is heat transfer vinyl. And, we offer a huge variety of heat transfer vinyls, so you’re sure to find what’s right for you.

It takes time and effort to create the design, cut and remove the vinyl, and then press it onto the t-shirt. You want it to last as long as possible. The main way to ensure this is to use the best HTV available.

Heat transfer vinyl by VISION supplied is the all-purpose iron-on vinyl for a wide variety of fabrics and remains the top choice of t-shirt makers and crafters alike. It is suitable for lower temperatures and pressures, can be hot or cold peeled, and is extremely durable in the washing machine. Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors and varieties! The VISION is one of the easiest HTVs to cut and weed. It’s easy to use. It transfers at lower temperatures and pressures than other iron-on vinyl films, and we have instructions. It works great if you want to hot glue and layer different colors. After ironing, you can peel off the backing when it’s hot or cold so you don’t mess up your designs!

heat transfer vinyl on shoes

heat transfer vinyl on shoes

VISION manufacturer has been producing premium heat transfer vinyl for over a decade. It’s a reliable brand, so you know you’ll always get the same quality vinyl. Unlike many other t-shirt vinyl wholesale for sale, our website offers a variety of useful information: from vinyl specifications to cutting, application and cleaning instructions.

VISION factory produces the best heat transfer vinyl for t-shirts. They are durable and won’t wrinkle, crack or peel your garments.And it comes in a variety of different colors and I love that you can choose your own color to make a bundle of plain or shiny vinyl irons. The best HTV vinyl records.

The main features are as follows:

1.Easy to Cut: Vinyl Cutter Setup for All Vision Machines.

2.Ease of Transfer: Uses lower temperatures and pressures than most other HTVs.

3.Can be peeled hot or cold after application.

4.Durable: Machine washable and dryable on normal setting.

Complete assortment: 15 different assortments, each in multiple colors.

VISION heat transfer vinyl factory

VISION heat transfer vinyl factory

Therefore, our products are all good, but the best product is the one that suits you. We are happy to provide free sample testing. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us, thanks.