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Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl for Inkjet printers

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl-0812

Among all heat transfer vinyls, it is easy to confuse the printable heat transfer vinyl and the ordinary color heat transfer vinyl, but in fact, in terms of their own functions, the difference is still very large.

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl VS Ordinary Color Heat Transfer Vinyl

Today, I will explain the printable htv and the ordinary color heat transfer vinyl two products and their differences! The heat transfer vinyl is a matte and two-sided color flat thermal transfer vinyl. It can be used with laser cutting, laser marking, cutting plotter and other equipment to process different patterns.

However, the heat transfer vinyl also has a limitation, that is, it can only be engraved with a single color, which is somewhat monotonous. If you want to print multiple color patterns, you need to use methods such as color registration and overlapping, but these two methods are used in the process. It is also easy to cause pattern shift and typesetting errors.

The emergence of printed heat transfer vinyl makes up for the monochrome limitation of traditional heat transfer vinyl.

Printable heat transfer vinyl for inkjet printers is mainly used for printing color patterns and engraving and cutting. It needs to use weak solvent ink to inkjet patterns, and is equipped with an integrated inkjet and engraving machine or a printer and an edge patrol engraving machine for engraving!

It has strong ink absorption and high color reproduction, which makes the pattern of clothing more abundant.

Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl-0812

Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Compared with ordinary color heat transfer vinyl , the operation of printable heat transfer vinyl is more complicated. Ordinary heat transfer vinyl only selects the pattern to be made and engraves it with a cutting machine or a marking machine, while the printable heat transfer vinyl needs to adjust the color tone before printing because of the color pattern, then to engrave.

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