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What is the VISION factory fast dry sublimation paper?

Fast Dry Sublimation Paper

Fast dry sublimation paper acts as a conveyor of the sublimation ink to the surface of the sublimable object (textile, wood, porcelain, aluminum, etc.) on which you will transfer the design, this is basically its function, but this process is performed under certain temperature and pressure parameters and that is where the main differences lie between a true premium sublimation paper, a normal sublimation paper or one that is not special for sublimation such as CAD or Bond paper.

Like any paper prepared for INKJET printing (with ink) it must be able to keep the ink dots as small and together as possible, without overflowing or bleed the ink, to achieve maximum image definition. No wonder they have to support printers capable of printing more than 2400 dots on an inch of paper. It is important that it allows quick drying and maximum ink transfer to the sublimable substrate.

This is one of the main differences between papers, premium sublimation transfer paper have a special treatment (a silicate base with a special grid design) so that all the ink pigment is fixed on its surface, and when apply heat (sublimate) allows the ink to pass to the product in a greater proportion, between 90 and 95% of the ink deposited in them, without requiring temperatures, pressure or times that reach the limit to the substrate to sublimate, therefore It is said that premium sublimation paper is more suitable for textiles, since garments and fabrics do not withstand high temperatures or pressures without being marked.

Sublimation Transfer Paper-0810

Sublimation Transfer Paper

Economic dye sublimation paper, also have a suitable sublimation coating, of worse quality than premium ones, this makes them deliver 70 and 75% of the ink load, so their colorimetry is somewhat lower, requiring higher temperature and pressure as well as prints using configurations that deposit more ink in the paper. These fast dry sublimation papers are recommended especially for transfers on hard surfaces such as ceramics, glass, stone, metal, wood, etc., where greater pressure and transfer time are typical. It can also be used in textiles that do not pursue deep colorimetry, event scarves, t-shirts for events, etc. It is usually priced at 20% cheaper than premium sublimation paper and if we know how to use them with discretion, they are a valid option.

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