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PU vs PVC heat transfer vinyl-How to choose?

PU and PVC heat transfer vinyl

In the printing market, there are different types of T-shirt heat transfer materials for you to choose from.

Nowadays, heat transfer vinyl is loved by more and more people. We now have PVC, PU, Glitter, Flock, hologram, Metallic, 3D puff HTV and many more colors, but today we are going to discuss the difference between PVC and PU heat transfer vinyl, let’s check them one by one.

The difference between PU and PVC heat transfer vinyl

1. The most basic heat trasnfer vinyls are PU and PVC, and their main materials are polyurethane films. These PU heat transfer vinyl is thinner, more elastic, and colorful enough to meet the needs of most people.

2. Our PU heat transfer vinyl comes in 37 colors (including 32 normal colors and 5 fluorescent colors), and 24 colors for PVC heat transfer vinyl. (including 20 normal colors and 4 fluorescent colors)In this way, PU vinyl has more colors to choose from.

PU heat transfer vinyl-37 colors

PU heat transfer vinyl-37 colors

3. PVC T-shirt vinyl is generally thicker. Compared with PU, PU is 0.08mm and PVC is 0.11-0.13mm, so PVC vinyl is thicker than PU vinyl and cheaper than PU vinyl. Thicker means they are less flexible, less breathable than PU HTV, and slightly less elastic than PU HTV.

4. But the most important thing is that PVC HTV vinyl is cheaper than PU HTV vinyl, the price difference is nearly 30%, which is a good choice for customers with insufficient budget.

5. For these two types of t shirt vinyl, we have two sizes of roll and sheet, they are A4 and A3, 0.5*25 meters and 0.61*50 meters, of course, if you have special needs, we can also customize the size .

So, to sum up, please choose the products you need according to your needs, I believe you will be able to find satisfactory products from us.

PVC heat transfer vinyl-24 colors

PVC heat transfer vinyl-24 colors

Actually, for heat transfer vinyls, we have a total of 15 heat transfer vinyl for t shirts, so if you want to know more details about heat transfer vinyl, you can check our website for more information and contact us directly and get free samples to test.